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Graz [ˈɡʁaːt͡s] is an Austrian city, capital of the federal state of Styria (in German, Steiermark). With a population of 269 997 inhabitants (1-1-2014) it is the second largest city in the country. University city par excellence, it was named European Capital of Culture in 2003.

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Kunsthaus Graz

The Kunsthaus Graz (in German, Grazer Kunsthaus or Graz Art Museum) is an Austrian museum by Spacelab (Peter Cook and Colin Fournier). It was one of the buildings built in 2003, the year in which Graz was the European capital of culture. He specializes in contemporary art, from the last four decades. All its exhibition program consists of traveling exhibitions, being a museum that lacks its own collection.
Its spectacular form contrasts with the historical atmosphere of Murvorstadt. He was quickly baptized by the neighbors as "Friendly Alien."

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Old Town of Graz

The old town of Graz was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1999. On the banks of the River Mur is a hill called Schlossberg, which is 475 meters high.
More than 1,000 years ago a castle was built that gave the name to the city (which is derived from the Slovenian word gradec, which means "little castle"). Since 1125 the hill housed an impressive fortress. In 1809 Napoleon ordered to destroy it. On that hill the Clock Tower was built in 1560, one of the symbols of the city. Among the different streets that are part of the Innere Stadt district, Sporgasse Street stands out. The street is older than the city since it was the Romans, the first who drew a road that ran from the valley of the Mur River to the Roman city of Savaria (now Szombately, in Hungary). The artisans who worked on this street are those who gave the name to the street. At present, the Sporgasse is a street dedicated to commerce.

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Zentral Hanna Apartment

City Apartmentstudio mit Tiefgarage

Appartment Graz Zentrum

City De Lights

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Opera of Graz

The Opera de Graz (in German Opernhaus Graz) was erected as a neo-baroque theater and is located in the center of the city of Graz, in the so-called "ring of operas". Currently, the building functions as a opera house and is an independent building completed in 1899, following the plans of Viennese architects Fellner and Helmer and the Vienna State Opera, the second largest opera house in Austria.
It has almost 1,400 seats designed in Baroque and Rococo styles. As for the musical style, it is multi genre, exhibiting ballet, zarzuela and various musical performances, confronting the traditional with the contemporary.

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Luxury Downtown Appartement mit Garage

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Hotel Aton


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The Schloßberg or Schlossberg (in Spanish «Castle of the Hill») is surrounded by a tree-lined hill, and is the site of a fortress made in Dolomia in the center of the city of Graz, in Styria, Austria on the banks of the Mur river, extending 123 meters above the Plaza de Graz. Currently the hill is a public park in the city, allowing great views of it. Here you will find multiple leisure sites, such as bars and restaurants, and is managed by the company Holding Graz, which is dedicated to the city's public services.

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Cityapartment Graz


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Apartment Graz Murpromenade

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Hotel Daniel Graz


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Joanneum Universal Museum

The Joanneum Universal Museum is headquartered in Graz, the capital of the Federated State of Styria. The museum is named in honor of its founder Archduke John of Habsburg-Lorraine. This is the oldest museum in Austria and the second largest after the Museum of Art History in Vienna.

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Apartment Brauquartier

FeWo Graz

Ferienwohnung im Univiertel

Apartment "Maria Theresia"

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Hotel Römerstube ★★★


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Technological University of Graz

The Technological University of Graz (in German: Technische Universität Graz, abbreviation. TU Graz) is one of the five universities in Styria, Austria. It was founded in 1811 by Archduke John of Austria and is currently made up of seven faculties. It is a public university. It offers 18 degrees and 33 master's degrees (of which 14 are in English) covering all technological and natural science disciplines. The doctorates are organized in 14 English-speaking institutes. The university has more than 13,000 students and approximately 2000 students graduate each year. Natural science studies programs are offered following the model of the NAWI of Graz together with the University of Graz.
The university has a staff of 3,251 people, and the research areas are combined in five fields.
The Graz University of Technology, the Montanuniversität Leoben and the Vienna University of Technology form the Austrian University of Technology (TU Austria) network, bringing together approximately 47,000 students and a staff of 9,000 people.

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