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Hotels in Bansko

We offer 550+ holiday rentals in Bansko

Are you tired of looking for accommodation that meets your needs and never finding those little details that really matter? Can't you find that apartment that is close to the event you're coming to Bansko or a few miles from your friends' houses?

Our selection of hotels in Bansko

Redenka Holiday Club


Green Wood Hotel & Spa - All Inclusive


Katarino SPA Hotel


Hotel Dumanov


Valentina Heights Catered Chalet


Premier Luxury Mountain Resort


Green Life Resort Bansko


Kralev Dvor Hotel


Momini Dvori Boutique Hotel


Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena


MPM Hotel Guinness


Green Life Boutique Apartments

Ikonomov SPA Hotel


Grami Hotel


Saint Ivan Rilski Hotel & Apartments


Mura Hotel


All our hotels in Bansko

Katarino SPA Hotel ★★★★

4.80 ★ (552)

Rahoff hotel ★★★

4.80 ★ (32)

Kempinski Hotel Grand Arena ★★★★★

4.80 ★ (985)

Family Hotel Santo Bansko ★★★

4.70 ★ (164)

Momini Dvori Boutique Hotel ★★★

4.50 ★ (379)

Family Hotel Vihren ★★★

4.50 ★ (85)

Valentina Heights Catered Chalet ★★★

4.50 ★ (95)

Hotel Dumanov ★★★

4.50 ★ (84)

Ikonomov SPA Hotel ★★★

4.40 ★ (81)

Aneli Hotel ★★★

4.40 ★ (144)

Michel Hotel ★★

4.40 ★ (30)

Premier Luxury Mountain Resort ★★★★★

4.30 ★ (785)

Green Life Boutique Apartments

4.30 ★ (59)

Grami Hotel ★★★

4.30 ★ (146)

Redenka Holiday Club ★★★

4.30 ★ (1,235)

Kralev Dvor Hotel ★★★

4.20 ★ (41)

MPM Hotel Guinness ★★★★

4.20 ★ (110)

Green Life Resort Bansko ★★★★

4.20 ★ (2,757)

Hotel Chichin ★★★

4.10 ★ (267)

Green Wood Hotel & Spa - All Inclusive ★★★★

4.10 ★ (1,670)

Mura Hotel ★★★

4.10 ★ (42)

Salen ★★★

4.10 ★ (18)

Saint Ivan Rilski Hotel & Apartments ★★★★

4.10 ★ (518)

Apart Hotel Orbilux ★★★

4.10 ★ (241)
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Rent your ideal apartment in Bansko

We offer you charming spaces in all parts of Bansko, so that you can decide where to enjoy the great comfort of your apartment. We assure you that our accommodations will make your stay much more pleasant, because they offer you a high quality and all the comforts you deserve. You can rent flats with all the rooms you need, suites or without bathroom, with amenities and lounges with other amenities (television, wifi, washing machines, dryers, air conditioning, heating, etc ...) and much more. So if you're looking for perfect accommodation, you're in the right place. The accommodations we have (from flats, apartments, studios, etc...) in Bansko that we offer you are both in the quietest neighborhoods, as in the most intense areas. You choose what your trip is!

It is not always easy to find the best place to spend a few days in Bansko. To make it much easier for you to discover places full of magic, we have a great variety of perfect spaces: an accommodation close to shopping centres, a country house, a flat with state-of-the-art appliances, a simple apartment or a house with a swimming pool. Whatever you are looking for, find your perfect accommodation with us. If you have any questions, you can always contact our team and resolve anything that concerns you. We assure you that you will have with us all the facilities you need to live a few days in your destination as you had imagined. Discover the most charming neighbourhoods, the most interesting museums and the restaurants in Bansko that will make you vibrate near the apartments we offer you.