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Hotels in Chongqing

We offer 290+ holiday rentals in Chongqing

Are you tired of looking for accommodation that meets your needs and never finding those little details that really matter? Can't you find that apartment that is close to the event you're coming to Chongqing or a few miles from your friends' houses?

Our selection of hotels in Chongqing

Radisson Blu Plaza Chongqing


Xi'an Hotel(Chongqing Xie Zi Tai Subway Station)

Chongqing CCHome Hotel

Bindun Langyi Hotel

East House(重庆观音桥九街万汇中心店)


Le Meridien Chongqing Nan'an


Yishang Hotel (Chongqing Jiefangbei Hongyadong)


Ibis Chongqing Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street Hotel

Chongqing White Inn


Chongqing Marriott Hotel


Sujiang Riverview Hotel


The Westin Chongqing Liberation Square


Niccolo Chongqing

Crowne Plaza Chongqing New North Zone

Chongqing Lanque Boutique Hotel

Chongqing KR luxury hotel


All our hotels in Chongqing

Chongqing KR luxury hotel(Yuan Zhu) ★★★★

4.80 ★ (7)

Chongqing Muse Hotel ★★★★

4.70 ★ (20)

DADA Hobbyhorse Hotel

4.70 ★ (6)

Chongqing KR luxury hotel ★★★★

4.60 ★ (15)

Hanting Hotel Chongqing Guanyin Bridge Branch

4.60 ★ (13)

The Kuan Hotel ★★★★

4.60 ★ (6)

Sujiang Riverview Hotel ★★★★

4.60 ★ (5)

Chongqing White Inn ★★★★

4.50 ★ (12)

The Westin Chongqing Liberation Square ★★★★★

4.50 ★ (298)

7Days Inn Chongqing Beibei Tianqi Square Pedestrian Street

4.40 ★ (5)

Chongqing Marriott Hotel ★★★★★

4.40 ★ (188)

Chongqing Lanque Boutique Hotel

4.40 ★ (29)

East House(重庆观音桥九街万汇中心店) ★★★★

4.40 ★ (40)

Chongqing Jin Shen Hotel

4.40 ★ (13)

Jasmine Exquisite Inn

4.40 ★ (16)

Bindun Langyi Hotel

4.40 ★ (108)

Ibis Chongqing Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street Hotel

4.30 ★ (9)

Chongqing Milky Way Hotel ★★★★

4.30 ★ (86)

Hanting Express Chongqing Yangjiaping Pedestrian Street

4.30 ★ (9)

Niccolo Chongqing

4.30 ★ (254)

Zhiqingchun-Ms.Dong Guest (Jiefangbei Branch ) ★★★

4.30 ★ (18)

Chongqing CCHome Hotel

4.30 ★ (114)

Radisson Blu Plaza Chongqing ★★★★★

4.30 ★ (130)

Yishang Hotel (Chongqing Jiefangbei Hongyadong) ★★★★

4.30 ★ (64)
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We offer you charming spaces in all parts of Chongqing, so that you can decide where to enjoy the great comfort of your apartment. We assure you that our accommodations will make your stay much more pleasant, because they offer you a high quality and all the comforts you deserve. You can rent flats with all the rooms you need, suites or without bathroom, with amenities and lounges with other amenities (television, wifi, washing machines, dryers, air conditioning, heating, etc ...) and much more. So if you're looking for perfect accommodation, you're in the right place. The accommodations we have (from flats, apartments, studios, etc...) in Chongqing that we offer you are both in the quietest neighborhoods, as in the most intense areas. You choose what your trip is!

The lodgings that you can find with us are of the most diverse, because we want that you have to your reach what you deserve. That's why we offer you a rental with the best value for money. We offer you charming houses, quiet apartments and central flats. So that you can enjoy the most charming corners of Chongqing and then rest comfortably in your apartment. Enjoy your destination and discover the corners of your destination, the museums and the most interesting monuments and then rest in your accommodation with window, terrace or garden, whatever suits you best.