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Hotels in Medellín

We offer 740+ holiday rentals in Medellín

The journey begins and you still have nothing ready. The first thing we recommend is that as soon as you know the number of nights you will be staying in Medellín, you start exploring our website and discover the apartment that has been waiting for you all your life. Because if it's in your imagination, we have it too.

Our selection of hotels in Medellín

Sites Hotel

14 Urban Hotel

Binn Hotel


Hotel Portón Medellín


Novotel Medellín El Tesoro


Ibis Budget Itagui

Provenza Party Lofts

Hotel Pomarosa


Hotel Florencia Plaza Medellin


The Somos

Hotel Estelar Milla De Oro


Hotel Madeiro

EcoHub Hotel Medellin

Hotel Medellín Gold


Hotel Colores Boutique


Four Points Sheraton Medellín


All our hotels in Medellín

Laureles Medellin Hostel

4.90 ★ (8)

Hotel Colores Boutique ★★★

4.80 ★ (24)

Hotel Laureles Home

4.70 ★ (35)

14 Urban Hotel

4.70 ★ (749)

Hotel Medellín Gold ★★★

4.60 ★ (222)

Four Points Sheraton Medellín ★★★★

4.60 ★ (595)

Hotel Loyds ★★★

4.60 ★ (442)

The Somos

4.60 ★ (108)

Ibis Budget Itagui

4.60 ★ (581)

Binn Hotel ★★★★★

4.60 ★ (2,303)

EcoHub Hotel Medellin

4.60 ★ (198)

Novotel Medellín El Tesoro ★★★★★

4.60 ★ (612)

Hotel Florencia Plaza Medellin ★★★★

4.60 ★ (352)

61Prado Guesthouse ★★★

4.60 ★ (645)

Apartahotel Calasanz Home

4.60 ★ (65)

Hotel Portón Medellín ★★★★

4.60 ★ (654)

Hotel Madeiro

From 655 EUR per night
4.50 ★ (647)

Provenza Party Lofts

From 213 EUR per night
4.50 ★ (7)

Sites Hotel

4.50 ★ (1,396)

Hotel Pomarosa ★★★★

4.50 ★ (266)

13 Trece Aparta Hotel ★★★

4.50 ★ (68)

Hotel Du Parc Royal ★★★★★

4.50 ★ (291)

Hotel Palma 70

4.50 ★ (40)

3H HOTEL Av 70

4.50 ★ (16)
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The trip of your life can be in Medellín

We offer you charming houses, quiet apartments and central flats. So that you can enjoy the most charming corners of Medellín and then rest comfortably in your apartment. Enjoy your destination and discover the corners of your destination, the museums and the most interesting monuments and then rest in your accommodation with window, terrace or garden, whatever suits you best. If you really want to find accommodation so as not to leave it, we assure you that you can also find it on our website. We offer the option of renting an apartment in Medellín exactly as you imagine, as we have a wide range of options.

It is not always easy to find the best place to spend a few days in Medellín. To make it much easier for you to discover places full of magic, we have a great variety of perfect spaces: an accommodation close to shopping centres, a country house, a flat with state-of-the-art appliances, a simple apartment or a house with a swimming pool. Whatever you are looking for, find your perfect accommodation with us. If you have any questions, you can always contact our team and resolve anything that concerns you. We assure you that you will have with us all the facilities you need to live a few days in your destination as you had imagined. Discover the most charming neighbourhoods, the most interesting museums and the restaurants in Medellín that will make you vibrate near the apartments we offer you.