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Hotels in Villa de Leyva

We offer 100+ holiday rentals in Villa de Leyva

If you are going to visit Villa de Leyva and you want to find suitable accommodation to make your stay perfect, we offer a wide range of accommodation to suit your needs and interests. Whether you want a house to travel with your family or you are looking for a charming place to spend a few days as a couple, we have what you need.

Our selection of hotels in Villa de Leyva

Hotel Campanario de la Villa

Hotel Casa Boutique Villa de Leyva


Hotel La Posada de San Antonio


Villa San Miguel Hotel Boutique

Hotel y Spa Getsemani


Hotel Boutique Villa Roma

Santa Maria de Leyva Hotel Boutique

Hotel Andres Venero


Hotel Villa Luna

Hotel Spa Casa de Adobe


La Alameda Hotel Campestre

Hotel Casa Cantabria Campestre

Hospederia Beth Sarim

Hotel Puente Piedra

Hotel - Hospederia Villa Palva

Casa Hotel San Pedro


All our hotels in Villa de Leyva

Hotel Villa Paz

4.70 ★ (38)

Casa Lewana

4.70 ★ (213)

Casa Hotel San Pedro ★★★★

4.70 ★ (135)

Hospedería Santa Ana

4.70 ★ (60)

Hospederia Flor de la Villa Real

4.70 ★ (55)

Posada Tierra Viva Villa de Leyva

4.70 ★ (55)

Villa Pepita Real

4.70 ★ (161)

Hotel - Hospederia Villa Palva

4.70 ★ (477)

Casa hospedaje Juan Castellanos

4.70 ★ (97)

Villa geres

4.60 ★ (7)

Hotel Campanario de la Villa

4.60 ★ (290)

Casona Santo Domingo

4.60 ★ (9)

Apartahotel Villa Rosita

4.60 ★ (213)

Casa de Huespedes Voomstel

4.60 ★ (31)

La Alameda Hotel Campestre

4.60 ★ (15)

Hotel Spa Casa de Adobe ★★★

4.60 ★ (197)

Fontana Plaza Hotel

4.60 ★ (128)

Hospederia Beth Sarim

4.50 ★ (31)

Villa San Miguel Hotel Boutique

4.50 ★ (65)

Hotel Puente Piedra

4.50 ★ (148)

Hotel Casa Boutique Villa de Leyva ★★★

4.50 ★ (107)

La Posada Pyg

4.50 ★ (137)

Posada la Serena

4.50 ★ (19)

Hotel Villa Luna

4.40 ★ (682)
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Your perfect stay in Villa de Leyva

It is not always easy to find the best place to spend a few days in Villa de Leyva. To make it much easier for you to discover places full of magic, we have a great variety of perfect spaces: an accommodation close to shopping centres, a country house, a flat with state-of-the-art appliances, a simple apartment or a house with a swimming pool. Whatever you are looking for, find your perfect accommodation with us. If you have any questions, you can always contact our team and resolve anything that concerns you. We assure you that you will have with us all the facilities you need to live a few days in your destination as you had imagined. Discover the most charming neighbourhoods, the most interesting museums and the restaurants in Villa de Leyva that will make you vibrate near the apartments we offer you.

In Geocalia we like to take care of each of the details of the apartments we offer you, so all our apartments comply with the regulations of Villa de Leyva, the information and photographs of each of them are true and contrasted and each of our accommodations meet all the quality standards you deserve. So if what you want is to rent accommodation for that business trip you have pending or simply to enjoy your next holiday, we have what you need. When you plan that business trip that you have been postponing for so long or an escape that you are dying to do, discover the apartment that will make you enjoy your destination.