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Bremen ([ˈbʁeːmən]; traditionally in Spanish Bremen), a city in northwestern Germany, together with the port of Bremen or Bremerhaven (60 km NW) the Hanseatic Free City of Bremen or State of Bremen, one of the 16 states federated that form the Federal Republic of Germany, of which it is the capital. The city is home to about 550,000 inhabitants, while the urban area has about 900,000 inhabitants. The Bremen-Oldenburg metropolitan area has about 2.3 million inhabitants. The traditional name in Castilian is Bremen, but nowadays it is in disuse.

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Statue of Rolando (Bremen)

The Rolando Statue (or Roldan) of the city of Bremen is a statue located in the Market Square (Marktplatz), opposite the Bremen Town Hall, Germany. In 2004, it was named, together with the city hall building, a World Heritage Site by Unesco.
The statue is 5.47 meters high and is on a 60 cm pedestal. High. The back of the statue rests on a support column topped by a canopy. With the column and the pedestal the monument reaches a total height of 10.21 meters. The statue is made of limestone and the column of sandstone that has been colored. Rolando holds the Durandarte sword, a symbol of justice.
There are statues of Rolando in several cities of the Holy Roman Empire as a symbol of city rights.

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Bremen Town Hall

The Bremen City Hall building (in German Bremer Rathaus) is one of the most important examples of Gothic architecture in Europe. In 2004 it was named a World Heritage Site by Unesco, together with the Rolando Statue. The building is the seat of the Senate, the president of the Senate and the mayor of the Hanseatic city of Bremen.

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Bremen radio

Radio Bremen is a public radio and television company based in the city-state of Bremen (Germany).
Founded in 1945, this group is the smallest of the ten that are part of the ARD, the joint organization of public broadcasters in Germany. In addition to providing content for the ARD nationwide, it manages four radio stations (two regional and two in collaboration with other broadcasters) and produces its own news programs for television.

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St. Peter's Cathedral in Bremen

Bremen Cathedral (in German: Bremer or Dom St. Petri Dom Zu Bremen), is dedicated to St. Peter, it is a church located in the market square in the center of the city of Bremen in northern Germany. The cathedral belongs to the Evangelical Church, a member of the Protestantism organization that brings together the so-called Evangelical Church in Germany.

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The Böttcherstraße is a street in the historic center of Bremen, Germany. Only 100 meters (330 feet) long it is famous for its unusual architecture and is among the main cultural sites of the city and is a great attraction for visitors.
Many of its buildings were built between 1922 and 1931, mainly at the initiative of Ludwig Roselius, a coffee merchant from Bremen, who entrusted Bernhard Hoetger with artistic supervision of the project. The street and its buildings are a rare example of an architecture that belongs to a variant of the expressionist style. The style of many of the houses can be classified as Expressionism in brick.
Roselius, a sympathizer of National Socialism, sought out Nordic cultural ideas, influenced by ideologues Julius Langbehn and Herman Wirth, who believed in the irreplaceable value of the Nordic race. His goal was to materialize these ideas in the Böttcherstraße (Roselius: "The re-direction of the Böttcherstraße is an attempt to think in the German way" - "I want to, and that is the fundamental objective of the creation of the Böttcherstraße, to break the spell of exile to which the Romans sentenced our people, and that still weighs on us ... "). Roselius and Hoetger paid tribute to Hitler as "Who brings the Light" in a relief at the entrance, the Führer rejected this variant of völkisch art in a Reichsparteitag speech on September 10, 1936, in which he referred to the Böttcherstraßenkunst (" Böttcherstraße art.) On the one hand the NSDAP described the Böttcherstraße as a reflection of a "divergent way of seeing culture", on the other hand the street was described as an architectural monument on May 7, 1937, as an "example of art degenerate of the Weimar period. "

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Church of Our Lady of Bremen

The Church of Our Lady, in German Kirche Unser Lieben Frauen or simply Liebfrauenkirche, is the oldest parish in Bremen, its first name was Sancti Viti ("of St. Vitus", in German "Sankt Veit").

Between 805 and 837, Willerich, the second bishop of Bremen, built three churches, a new cathedral of St. Peter (after the destruction of the old one in the Saxon wars and firstly of stone), a sepulcher chapel by St. Wilehado, the missionary from Bremen, who had died in Blexen next to the mouth of the Weser due to a severe fever (the coastal marshes were a zone of malaria). and a third church, later called "market church."
Two centuries later, Unwan the 12th bishop of Bremen, archbishop of Amburgo and Bremen raised this parish building again, using wood from a holy forest of the ancient Saxon religion.

In 1100, more or less, the church received a stone tower, the southern tower of today. Around 1160 a Romanesque basilica was built in the place of the preceding church.
Between 1150 and 1220, the invocation was changed to Santa Maria.
In 1229, by an order of Pope Gregory IX of 1227, the parish was divided into three, because it covered too much population. The segregated parishes were Sankt Ansgarii (also called "Sunte Anschari"), which means St. Oscar, and St. Martin, the church of the sailors. So Bremen had four parishes, the fourth was in St. Stephen, founded in 1050.
In the following decades it was transformed into a Gothic church hall. Only the southern tower was Romanesque.
In the fifteenth century, the ground floor of the northern tower began to be used as a treasure and municipal archive.
With the religious Reformation, all citizen parishes associated with Calvinism. Only the cathedral, like all the (territory of) the Bremen Chapter, followed the flow of Martin Luther.
In World War II the spine of the tower was burned, the ship suffered only minor damage. But with the remodeling the interior was modernized, removing all the plaster. Thus interesting residues of medieval paintings were lost.

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Bremen Market Square

Bremen Market Square is a square located in the historic center of the Hanseatic city of Bremen, north of Germany. As a space of urban life is called Marktplatz, as postal address Am Markt ("next to the market"). It is one of the oldest public squares in the city. It has an area of ​​3484 m2.
In 2004, the town hall building and the statue of Rolando, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, were named from this square.

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