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For the botanist, see Georg MünsterMünster [ˈmʏnstɐ] in Westphalia (in Spanish it was traditionally called Muñiste, but today it is a disused exile) is a city located in the North Rhine-Westphalia region, Germany. It has 304,708 inhabitants (2015 ) and is the capital of the district of the same name. Münster is between Dortmund and Osnabrück, in the center of Münsterland.
Münster has large city status since 1915. Today, Münster has approximately 58,000 students (2014/2015 ) and is one of the most important academic centers, as it has several universities.
Münster is the seat of a Catholic diocese. In 799, Pope Leo III founded the Bishopric of Münster, as well as the dioceses of Osnabrück, Minden and Paderborn. Currently, the Bishop of Münster is Felix Genn.
In Germany, Münster is known as the city of bicycles and its historic center, which was restored little by little after the war.

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University of Münster

The University of Münster (in German: Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU)) is a public university in Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. This is an important and well known international university.

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New Testament Text Research Institute

The Institute for New Testament Textual Research (in German, Institut für neutestamentliche Textforschung - INTF) at the University of Münster, Westphalia, Germany, is an institute for research of the New Testament text. The INTF was founded in Münster in 1959 by Professor Kurt Aland (1915-1994), the first director of the Institute. In 1983 Barbara Aland succeeded her husband, until 2004, when Holger Strutwolf became the director of INTF.
The purpose of the founding of the Institute was the preparation of a Major Critical Edition (Editio Critica Maior) based on the New Testament tradition in Greek manuscripts, ancient versions and New Testament Citations in early Christian literature. Under the supervision of Kurt Aland, INTF collected most of the material almost completely. The first supplement of the Major Critical Edition with the General Letters was published in 1997.
The INTF also keeps some New Testament manuscripts, and assumed responsibility for registering the New Testament manuscripts, also for the Greek New Testament edition (Novum Testamentum Graece).

Handwritten lower case:
676, 798, 1432, 2444, 2445, 2446, 2460, 2754, 2755, 2756, 2793;
ℓ1681, ℓ1682, ℓ1683, ℓ1684 (smaller writing Uncial 0233), ℓ1685, ℓ1686, ℓ2005, ℓ2137, ℓ2208, and ℓ2276.

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Church of San Lamberto (Münster)

The Church of St. Lambert of Münster, in German Sankt Lamberti or simply Lambertkirche, is a classic example of a Gothic-style columnar hall church. It was the market church of the medieval city. Already in the year 1000 there was a small church next to the market. The construction of the present building was started in 1375.
Upon completion of the Münster Rebellion of 1534/35, the Anabaptist leaders were sentenced to death and their bodies were hung in cages in the tower of the church of San Lambert.
In 1887, the tower was so fragile, that it was demolished and replaced by a higher neo-Gothic tower.

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