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Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine

The Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR) (in French: Commission Centrale pour la Navigation du Rhin) ?; In German, Zentralkommission für die Rheinschifffahrt, based in Strasbourg, is an international organization whose mission is to promote the prosperity of river navigation along the Rhine River, ensuring its safety and respect for its surroundings. It is the oldest international cooperation organization in the world, created in 1815 by the Congress of Vienna and is regulated by the Convention for the Navigation of the Rhine in 1868.

Our selection of Apartments in Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine

Le Loft 67

Appartement L'Ill au Sable

Le 39

Les appartements Place de la Cathédrale

Our selection of Hotels in Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine

The Originals Boutique, Hôtel des Princes, Strasbourg Centre (Qu ★★★

Hôtel & Spa Le Bouclier D'or ★★★★

Hôtel De L'Ill ★★★


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Strasbourg-Countryside District

The district of Strasbourg-Countryside was a district (in French arrondissement) of France, which was located in the department of Bas-Rhin (in French Bas-Rhin), in the Alsace region. It had 8 cantons and 104 communes.

Our selection of Apartments in Strasbourg-Countryside District

Le Kant


L'Appartement de l'Observatoire

Kleber Hypercentre Apartment

Our selection of Hotels in Strasbourg-Countryside District

Novotel Strasbourg Centre Halles ★★★★

Hôtel de l'Europe by HappyCulture ★★★★

Citotel Hotel Pax ★★★

Mercure Strasbourg Palais des Congrès ★★★★

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Strasbourg District

The district of Strasbourg, formerly the district of Strasbourg-Villa is a French administrative division, located in the department of Bas-Rhin, in the Alsace region, created from the union of the former districts of Strasbourg-Countryside and Strasbourg-Villa.

Our selection of Apartments in Strasbourg District

Strasbourg Appart Rue du 22 Novembre

Le Gabriel

Appartement Mozart

Le Relais de l'Orangerie

Our selection of Hotels in Strasbourg District

Hotel Cathédrale ★★★★


Premiere Classe Strasbourg Ouest

Boutique Hotel Des XV ★★★★


Campanile Strasbourg Ouest - Zénith ★★★

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National School of Administration

The National School of Administration (in French: École nationale d'administration, also called ÉNA) is the school in which many senior officials of the French government are trained. ÉNA has fewer than 100 graduates, called enarques, per year. It is considered the best way to access the administrative body of the State.

Our selection of Apartments in National School of Administration

Néméa Appart-Hôtel Elypséo

Citadines Kléber Strasbourg

Le Dome

Les Serruriers

Our selection of Hotels in National School of Administration

Hotel Restaurant Au Cerf d'Or ★★★


Hotel Esplanade ★★


Régent Contades, BW Premier Collection ★★★★


Hotel D - Strasbourg ★★★★

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Kammerzell House

The Kammerzell house (in Alsatian: Kammerzellhüs, in French: Maison Kammerzell, in German: Kammerzellhaus) is located in the city of Strasbourg, France, northwest of the cathedral square. It is one of the most ornate and best preserved medieval civil buildings of late Gothic architecture.
The construction of this house, whose amounts are among the most richly decorated in the city, dates back to 1427, undergoing two transformations in 1467 and in 1589 that makes it belong historically to the German Renaissance. The ground floor is made of stone and the upper floors are half-timbered; the sculptures on the beams represent sacred and profane scenes. The interior of the building was decorated with frescoes by the Alsatian painter Léo Schnug.
After passing through the hands of many owners, the building was acquired by the Urban Community of Strasbourg. It belongs, like the Great Island of Strasbourg, to the Unesco World Heritage Site since 1988, and is registered as a Historic Monument of France since 1929.

Our selection of Apartments in Kammerzell House

Le Nid de l'Ill, Magnifique Duplex Petite France


Séjours & Affaires Strasbourg Kleber

Appartements Paola, Pamela, Patricia et Pascale

Our selection of Hotels in Kammerzell House

Hotel des Anges ★★


Ibis Styles Strasbourg Centre Gare ★★★


hotelF1 Strasbourg Pont de l'Europe


Hotel Le 21ème ★★

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Kléber Square

The Kléber square is the main square of the city of Strasbourg in France, European Union. The square, which takes its name from General Jean-Baptiste Kléber, born in Strasbourg in 1753, is the largest in the city center and the heart of the commercial area. In it is also the statue of Kléber, which houses the funeral urn containing its remains, and on the north side the Aubette Building built under the direction of the architect Jacques-François Blondel between 1965 and 1972.
It is located in the historic center, on the so-called Great Island of Strasbourg (Grande île, in French), which was declared in 1988 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Our selection of Apartments in Kléber Square

Au Quai Des Pecheurs

Meublé Saint-Thomas Strasbourg

Magnifique 2P avec Balcon et Ascenseur

Bel appartement

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Strasbourg old station

The old Strasbourg station, sometimes called Marais-Vert station, was a railway station located near the center of Strasbourg. Built as the end of the line from Paris to Strasbourg in 1854, it was closed in the 1880s, and used as a covered market in the city before being destroyed in the early 1970s.
This site currently houses the Place des Halles shopping center.

Our selection of Apartments in Strasbourg old station

Appartement Cocoon Hypercentre

Ruby Suites Quartier Les Halles by Popinns

City Residence Access Strasbourg

les Gîtes de la limonaderie

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Rohan Palace (Strasbourg)

The Rohan Palace (in French, Palais Rohan) in Strasbourg is the former residence of the princes-bishops and cardinals of the House of Rohan, an old French noble family originally from Brittany. It is an important architectural, historical and cultural landmark of the city. It was built next to the Strasbourg Cathedral in the 1730s, from the designs of Robert de Cotte, and is considered a masterpiece of the French late-baroque architecture. Since its completion in 1742, the palace has housed several French monarchs such as Louis XV, Marie Antoinette, Napoleon, Carlos X, Luis Felipe I or Napoléon III.
Reflecting the history of Strasbourg and France, the palace has been successively owned by the nobility, the town hall, the crown, the state, the university and again the town hall. Its architectural conception and iconography were intended to indicate the return of Catholicism to the city, which had been dominated by Protestantism during the previous two centuries. Thus, many of the statues, reliefs and paintings reflect the Catholic dogma.
Since the end of the 19th century, the palace houses three of Strasbourg's most important museums: the Archaeological Museum (Musée archéologique, in the basement), the Museum of Decorative Arts (Musée des arts décoratifs, ground floor) and the Museum of Fine Arts (Musée des beaux-arts, first and second floor). The municipal art gallery, Galerie Robert Heitz, on a side wing of the palace, is used for temporary exhibitions.
Rohan Palace was declared a historical monument on January 20, 1920. The palace is also within the protection perimeter of "Strasbourg, a European urban setting: from the Grand Island to the Neustadt", World Heritage since 1988 and expanded in 2011.

Our selection of Apartments in Rohan Palace (Strasbourg) meubles de tourisme

Appartement Le bain aux plantes

Grand 3 pièces stationnement gratuit dans la rue

Quatre Chaises

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Our selection of Apartments in Strasbourg

Cosy Kleber - 80m2 in the HEART of town


Appartements du renard

Carpe Diem Home

LİFE CATHEDRALE by Life Renaissance

The POINT Strasbourg - Place KLEBER


Appartement "Harmonéa"

Our selection of Hotels in Strasbourg

Hôtel Gutenberg ★★★★

Hotel Maison Rouge ★★★★

Le Lodge Brit Hotel Strasbourg Zenith ★★★★

Le Grand Hotel ★★★

Sofitel Strasbourg Grande Ile ★★★★★

Mercure Strasbourg Centre Gare ★★★★

Hôtel Patricia

Les Colonnes Strasbourg Zenith ★★★

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