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Edinburgh (/ ˈɛdɪnb (ʌ) ɹə / in English and Scottish: Edinburgh; in Scottish Gaelic: Dùn Èideann) is the capital and a council of Scotland (United Kingdom). It is the second largest city from Scotland after Glasgow.
Located on the east coast of Scotland, on the banks of the Forth River Fjord and on the local unitary authority of the City of Edinburgh, it is the capital of Scotland since 1437 and seat of the Scottish government. It was one of the most important centers of education and culture during the Enlightenment thanks to the University of Edinburgh. Its districts The Old Town (old city) and The New Town (new city) were designated a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1995. According to the 2011 census it has a total population of 459 366 inhabitants.
Edinburgh is famous for its International Festival, the largest live performance festival in the world, and other festivals developed in summer more or less simultaneously, most of which are grouped under the name Edinburgh Festival. During the festival the population of the city doubles. Edinburgh is the second most visited city in the United Kingdom, after London, with approximately 13 million tourists a year.

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STYLISH home with PANORAMIC views

Escape To Edinburgh @ Broughton Place

Perth Street Residence

27/3a Cockburn Street Apartments

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The Lane Hotel

Black Ivy

Kimpton - Charlotte Square ★★★★★

The Rutland Hotel & Apartments ★★★★

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University of Edinburgh Business School

The University of Edinburgh Business School (UEBS) is the business school of the University of Edinburgh and was founded in 1918.
The school offers courses in business management and economics. The UEBS offers MBA (Master in Business Administration) programs as well as several specialized Master courses. The school is accredited by the international organizations of AMBA and EFMD (EQUIS) recognizing the quality of their programs internationally.

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Chic Apartment in City Centre

Quartermile Meadows Apartment

Ponton Street Apartment

Penthouse Western Harbour

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The Northfield House Hotel ★★★

The Dunstane Houses ★★★★★

Radisson Blu Hotel, Edinburgh City Centre ★★★★

House of Gods Royal Mile

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Rockstar north

Rockstar North Ltd. (formerly known as DMA Design Limited) is a Scottish computer and video game developer founded by David Jones in Dundee and currently located in Leith Street, Edinburgh, Scotland. The company is one of the studies of the American company Rockstar Games, owned by Take-Two Interactive. She is the main developer of the Grand Theft Auto series, including Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: IV and Grand Theft Auto V.

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The Cornwall Street Residence

Large Designer's flat near park and the Shore, free parking

Alba Apartments- Gentle's Entry

Parliament Apartment

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Royal Bank of Scotland

The Royal Bank of Scotland plc (in Scottish Gaelic: Banca Rìoghail na h-Alba, in Spanish: Royal Bank of Scotland), is one of the retail banking subsidiaries of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, which together with The National Westminster Bank and Ulster Bank, offers in their branches banking services throughout the United Kingdom. The Royal Bank of Scotland has about 700 branches, mainly in Scotland; however, there are branches in many towns and large cities in England and Wales.
The Royal Bank of Scotland and its head, the Royal Bank of Scotland Group are completely separate entities from its Edinburgh-based country bank, the Bank of Scotland, which was founded 32 years earlier.
The Bank of Scotland was so effective raising funds for the Jacobite Uprising, that as a result, the Royal Bank of Scotland was created with strong ties with supporters of the House of Hannover and the Whigs.

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Modern Two Bedroom Apartment

Luxury Edinburgh City Centre Penthouse

The Holyrood Park Residence

The Queens View

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Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is an ancient fortress erected on a rock of volcanic origin located in the center of the city of Edinburgh. It has been used for military purposes since the twelfth century, being intended for civil uses only in very recent times. It is located at the top of Castlehill Street, one of the four streets that form the Royal Mile. The castle is open to visitors and is managed by the specialized agency Historic Scotland. This is the most visited paid tourist attraction in Scotland.
Three of its sides are protected by steep cliffs, and access to the castle is limited to a steep slope on the eastern side of the castle. In the past there was an artificial lake in its northern zone. This lake, called Nor'Loch (north lake in Spanish), was desiccated in Georgian times with the construction of the New City, to be used as an outdoor mason and later as a park. It was from this moment when the citadel lost most of its defensive role.
The access to the castle is made through the esplanade, a wide paved square with an inclined plane that lies between the castle itself and the end of the Royal Mile. It is on this esplanade where the Military Tattoo is held annually, and it is here that once parades and various types of training for the military garrison of the castle were organized. The cylindrical battery is called half moon.
The castle is entered through a portal in front of the battery, which leads to a path that goes up to the right to the courtyard in the center of the fortress.

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Parliament Square - Royal Mile

Bespoke Tours Scotland Accommodation @ Morrison Street

Braid Apartments by Mansley

Linton Collection - The Attic Flat

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National Gallery of Scotland

The National Gallery of Scotland is an art gallery located in Edinburgh, in a neoclassical building, built on the hill called The Mound, on Princes Street. Designed by architect William Henry Playfair, it was opened in 1859.

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Craigend Park Apartments

Stunning Heriot Row Apt

The Park - Holyrood Road

Modern central apartment

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Bank of Scotland

The Bank of Scotland plc is a commercial and compensation bank, based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Originating in the 17th century, it is the oldest bank that still survives of what is now the United Kingdom and is the only commercial institution created by the Scottish Parliament that still exists. It was also the first bank in Europe that printed its own paper money. While the Bank of Scotland no longer has central bank functions, it continues to print its own pounds sterling, along with two other Scottish commercial banks, under legal agreements that allow some UK banks to issue currencies.
Since September 10, 2001, the Bank of Scotland became part of HBOS, following the merger with Halifax (former Halifax Construction Company). The Bank of Scotland has a 50% stake in Sainsbury's Bank, with Sainsbury's being the owner of the other half. On September 17, 2007, the Bank of Scotland Regulator and Company converted the Bank of Scotland into a Public Limited Company, as part of the HBOS Group Reorganization Act, approved by the United Kingdom Parliament

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The Rutland Apartments

The Chester Residence

Capital Retreats - Dewar Place Lane

Hillside Luxury Apartment

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Scottish National Portrait Gallery

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery is a museum located on Queen Street in Edinburgh and belonging to the National Galleries of Scotland. It houses the national collection of portraits of the most illustrious figures of this country although not all the works have been made by Scots. It also houses the Scottish national photography collection.
Admission is free to both the main exhibition and some of the special exhibitions that are temporary.

Our selection of Apartments in Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Eden Locke

Spacious Leith apartment

Historic Edinburgh 1890s Home Turned Relaxing Retreat

Royal Mile Luxury Apartment

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Edinburgh University

The University of Edinburgh, is a center of higher education and research located in Edinburgh (Scotland, United Kingdom). Founded in 1582 (opened in 1583), it is the fourth oldest university in Scotland. The University of Edinburgh receives approximately 60,000 applications per year, becoming the third most popular university by volume of applications from the United Kingdom after the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. The University of Edinburgh maintains close ties with the British royal family, being its current Rector Princess Anne.
The University of Edinburgh is at number 18 in the 2018-2019 world university ranking QS. The Research Excellence Framework, the British government's research ranking to determine funding for future research, positioned the University of Edinburgh as the 4th British university with the greatest research power. It is in the 12th position for arts and humanities in the 2014-2015 Time ranking. This university also ranks 15th in relation to the employability of its graduates, according to the 2013 Global Employability University Ranking ranking. Additionally, it is in the 6th position of the best universities in Europe, according to the News' Best Global University Ranking in the United States. He is a member of the Russell Group and the League of European Research Universities, a group of 21 universities dedicated to research in Europe. In addition, it has the third largest heritage of universities in the United Kingdom, after Cambridge and Oxford.
The University of Edinburgh played a central role in the positioning of Edinburgh as a fundamental city in the intellectual development of the Enlightenment, so the city received the name of North Athens. Alumni of the university include central figures in modern history such as physicist Clerk Maxwell, naturalist Charles Darwin, philosopher David Hume, mathematician Thomas Bayes, surgeon Joseph Lister, members who signed the independence of the United States as James Wilson, Joseph Witherspoon and Benjamin Rush, the inventor Alexander Graham Bell, the first president of Tanzania Julius Nyerere, and writers such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Louis Stevenson, JM Barrie, Sir Walter Scott and JK Rowling. People associated with the university include 20 Nobel Prizes, 2 Turing Prize winners, 1 Abel Prize winner, 1 Pulitzer Prize and 3 UK Prime Ministers.
The University of Edinburgh receives approximately 60,000 applications annually, which makes it the third most popular in the United Kingdom. However, acceptance is competitive. In the 2012-2013 period, the university only accepted 11.5% of the applicants. After the University of St. Andrews, it is the most difficult university to enter Scotland, and it is number 9 in the United Kingdom in this area.

Our selection of Apartments in Edinburgh University

Pleasance Luxury Apartment (Two-Bedrooms, Ground Floor)

York Place Apartments by Destination Edinburgh

Mode Edinburgh

The Tartan Stag

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Walter Scott monument in Edinburgh

The Scott Monument is a Victorian-style Gothic monument erected in honor of the Scottish author Sir Walter Scott. It rises in the Princes Street Gardens of the city of Edinburgh, in front of the Jenners stores and in the vicinity of the Waverley railway station.
The tower, built in slate of Livingston and with a height of 61'1 meters, has an internal spiral staircase that allows access to the various floors of the building, from which you can see the city and surroundings. The highest floor, which is reached after 287 steps, allows you to reach the top of the building (those who reach it are given a certificate to commemorate the event). The grimy atmosphere of Victorian Edinburgh, which was then known as Auld Reekie (or the old smoking [city]) for the great industrial pollution, caused the stones to lose their original color, acquiring a blackish hue. Nowadays a kind of oil continues to ooze from its walls, which retain the characteristic black color. Bill Bryson has called it "the Gothic rocket."

Our selection of Apartments in Walter Scott monument in Edinburgh

Polwarth Gardens Edinburgh Apartment

Linton Collection - The West Wing

City Centre Apartment

Comely Bank Apartment

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Advocates Library

The Advocates' Library is a law library belonging to the Edinburgh Bar Association, founded in 1682. Until 1925 it was the depository library of Scotland. Subsequently the paper was assumed by the National Library of Scotland. All non-legal collections were sent to the National Library.
Today, it is the only one of the libraries in Scotland that still has the privilege of receiving a copy of each book published in the British Isles. The library is part of the complex that includes the House of Parliament.

Our selection of Apartments in Advocates Library

9,7 out of 10 for comfort and cleanliness of this cosy modern 1

Destiny Scotland - Broughton St Lofts

3 Bedroom Canal-side Apartment Sleeps 6

Bryson Road Edinburgh Apartment

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Princes Street

Princes Street receives its name ("prince's street") in honor of the two sons of King George III, the Duke of Rothesay and Frederick Augustus of Hanover. It is one of the main streets of Edinburgh, next to Royal Mile.
It is located in New Town, parallel to George Street and Princes Street Gardens.
It is about 1 mile (one kilometer and a half approximately.)

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My-Quartermile Apartments

No. 1 Apartments - George IV Bridge

Destiny Scotland - Thistle Street Apartments

Destiny Scotland Charlotte Square Apartments

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Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption of Edinburgh

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption is a Catholic cathedral located in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is the mother church of Catholics in Scotland and the chair of the Archbishop of Saint Andrews and Edinburgh, and the main church of the Archdiocese of Saint Andrews and Edinburgh. The current archbishop is Cardinal Keith Michael Patrick O'Brien, the president of the Episcopal Conference of the Catholic Church in Scotland.

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Destiny Scotland Hanover Apartments

The Edinburgh Grand

Chester Street 5 Star Residence - Tay Suite

Holyrood Skyline Apartment

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Escape to Edinburgh @ Abercromby Place

Prestigious 3Bed Central Edinburgh (Rutland Sq)

Boutique City Centre 1 Bed Apartment

Gilmour's Entry Apartment

City and Seaside Apartment

Ultra Gorgeous 3bd Old Town Apt w\ Balcony&Parking

The Lothian Road Apartment

Merchant House Apartment

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Hotel Ceilidh-Donia ★★★

Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa ★★★★★

The Inn Place

Courtyard by Marriott Edinburgh ★★★★

Angels Share Hotel

The Inn on the Mile ★★★★

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