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Stirling (in Scottish: Stirlin, in Scottish Gaelic, Sruighlea / ˈs̪t̪ruʝlə /) is a city located in the central region of Scotland, in the United Kingdom. It is an old borough, located around Stirling Castle and old medieval center. It is considered an industrial center, especially in the electrical, commercial and government industry. It has a population of 33,710 inhabitants, according to the 2008 census.
Former capital of the Scottish Kingdom, Stirling was known as Burgo Real until 2002, when, as part of the Golden Jubilee ("Golden Anniversary", celebration commemorating the 50th anniversary of a monarch on the throne) of Queen Elizabeth, she was granted the city status

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Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle is a historic castle in the city of Stirling, Scotland (United Kingdom). It was built on top of the "castle hill", a peak of volcanic origin, and is surrounded by three of its sides by cliffs cut to peak. Stirling Castle is listed as a National Monument, and its management has therefore been entrusted to the specialized agency Historic Scotland.
The castle also houses the headquarters, as well as the museum, of a British Army Regiment, the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Regiment, even though that regiment no longer has its base in place.
Most of the main buildings of the castle date from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, although some buildings are even earlier, specifically the fourteenth century. The outer defenses of the castle that face the city, meanwhile, date from the early eighteenth century.
In the early fourteenth century the castle suffered a siege by the English troops of Edward I, in the framework of the so-called Wars of independence of Scotland. Historians indicate that it was during this assault that Warwolf, the largest funnel ever built, was used for the first time, and it was with devastating effects.
The crenellated wall, which protects the entrance to the castle itself once its outer defenses have been overcome, was built by James III of Scotland, originally constituting a part of the fortification system that surrounded and protected the rocky base. In its two extremities there were solid rectangular casemates and, in its center, framing the entrance of the fortified enclosure, four large circular towers provided with conical roofs. Of this magnificent composition only the casemate and the southernmost main tower (now attached to the main body of the building), part of the canvases of the walls, the entrance and the bottom of the internal circular towers, as well as vestiges of the external ones remain and of the casemate and northern circular towers.
Stirling Castle, which crowns the city with its name, has been of crucial importance in the history of Scotland. For example, he played a fundamental role in the Scottish Wars of Independence, among them, a battle that happened in Stirling is especially well known: the battle of the Stirling Bridge, in which William Wallace managed to defeat the English army for the first time; It also had a great impact on the battle of Bannockburn: this time it was Robert the Bruce who defeated the English, achieving Scottish independence in an epic and very significant battle for Scotland's past. Subsequently, this castle also participated in the Jacobite uprisings, which tried to restore the Stuart family to the throne, but which ultimately failed, although the castle expanded its buildings due to these revolts.
Nowadays, in the old building of the king we can find a small museum in which different historical objects are exposed (mainly of wars and battles of the Scottish past) that offer us an idea of how Scotland's military past has been. The Royal Chapel of Stirling Castle is a place of great importance, since the coronation of "Mary Queen of Scots" ("Mary Queen of Scots"), the famous Queen of Scotland, Mary Stuart, took place; Over the years and religious reform, the chapel became a Presbyterian style, so today we find it quite changed to what it was in the 16th century, since this new religion dispensed with the majority of the Luxurious details and ornamentation.

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