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Rustaveli Avenue

Rustavelis Gamziri - in Spanish Rustaveli Avenue - (in the first instance called Golovín Street) is an avenue located in the center of Tbilisi (capital of Georgia) named in honor to the Georgian medieval poet Shotá Rustaveli. The avenue begins at the Plaza de la Libertad and extends for about 1.5 kilometers before joining an extension of Kostava Street. Rustaveli Avenue is considered the most important road artery in Tbilisi due to its large number of government, public, cultural and business buildings that are located along the avenue. The Parliament of Georgia, the Kashveti Church, the National Museum of Georgia, the Paliashvili Opera, the State Academy of Rustaveli Theater, the Academy of Sciences of Georgia and the Tbilisi Art Gallery, among others, are all located in Rustavelis Gamziri. The avenue is crossed by several bus lines and the Tbilisi metro.
In 1989, hundreds of thousands of Georgians gathered in front of the Government Palace on Rustaveli Avenue. An energetic measure by the Soviet military killed many protesters in the Tragedy of April 9.

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Central Botanical Garden of the Georgia Academy of Sciences

The Central Botanical Garden of the Georgia Academy of Sciences (Georgian ცენტრალური ბოტანიკური ბაღი). It is the largest botanical garden in the South Caucasus and one of the largest in the former Soviet Union with an extension of 128 ha. It is administered by the Georgia Academy of Sciences. It is located in the southern part of Tbilisi at the foot of the Nariqala fortress. This botanical garden is a member of the BGCI, being its international identification code TBI.

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Narikala (ნარიყალა, in Georgian) is an ancient fortress that stands above Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, and the Kura River. The fortress consists of two walled sections on a hill between sulphurous baths and the Central Botanical Garden of the Georgia Academy of Sciences. In the lower enclosure is the recently restored church of San Nicolás.
The fortress was founded in the fourth century with the name of Shuris-tsikhe ("Ungrateful Fortress"). It was notably expanded in the seventh century by the Umayyads, and later by King David IV of Georgia (1089-1125). The Mongols renamed the fort as Narin Qala ("Small Fort"), from which it derives its current name. Many of the buildings that can be seen today are from the 16th and 17th centuries. In 1827, part of the fortress was destroyed by an earthquake and partially demolished. Today it is a fairly popular place in the Georgian capital, especially for the views that are enjoyed from it.

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Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theater

The Tbilisi Opera and Ballet Theater (in Georgian: თბილისის ოპერისა და ბალეტის თეატრი) is located on Rustaveli Avenue, in the center of Tbilisi (Tbilisi), Georgia. It is the oldest opera house in the country. Tbilisi opera has received opera stars like Montserrat Caballe and José Carreras, and has presented numerous ballet shows. The foundation of the State of Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet was the consequence of the political and cultural processes in the country after its annexation to the Russian Empire.

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National Museum of Georgia

The National Museum of Georgia (in Georgian: საქართველოს ეროვნული მუზეუმი, sak'art'velos erovnuli muzeumi) is a network of museums in Georgia that brings together several important museums from various parts of the country. The National Museum of Georgia was established within the framework of the structural, institutional and legal reforms aimed at modernizing the management of the united institutions within this network, and in coordinating research and education activities in the country. Since its foundation on December 30, 2004, the Museum has been directed by Professor David Lordkipanidze.

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Museum of the Soviet Occupation (Tbilisi)

The Museum of Soviet Occupation (in Georgian: საბჭოთა ოკუპაციის მუზეუმი, sabch'ot'a okupats'iis muzeumi) is a history museum in Tbilisi, Georgia, where there is documentation of the seven decades of Soviet rule in Georgia (between 1921 and 1991) and which is dedicated to the history of the struggle against the occupation, the Georgian national liberation movement, and to the victims of Soviet political repression throughout this period. It was established on May 26, 2006. The Museum is a part of the National Museum of Georgia (MNG).

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Anchiskhati Basilica

The Anchiskhati Basilica of St. Mary (in Georgian: ანჩისხატი) is the oldest surviving church in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. It belongs to the Orthodox Church of Georgia and dates from the 6th century.
According to the old Georgian annals, the church was built by King Dachi of Iberia (about 522-534), who had made Tbilisi his capital. Originally dedicated to the Virgin Mary, it was renamed Anchiskhati (i.e., Ancha icon) in 1675.

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Kashveti Church

St. George's Kashveti Church (in Georgian: ქაშვეთის წმინდა გიორგის სახელობის ტაძარი) is a Georgian Orthodox Church in the center of Tbilisi, located opposite the Parliament building on Rustaveli Avenue.
The Kashveti church was built between 1904 and 1910 by the architect L. Bilfeldt, who based his design on the medieval Samtavisi Cathedral. The construction was sponsored by the Georgian nobility and bourgeoisie. Kashveti was built on the site where a damaged church was built in brick, at the request of the Amilakhvari family in 1753.

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Great Tbilisi Synagogue

The Great Synagogue of Tbilisi (in Georgian: დიდი სინაგოგა) is a synagogue at 45-47 Leselidze Street in Tbilisi, in the Republic of Georgia.
The building, also known as the Georgian Synagogue, was built from 1895 to 1903 in an eclectic style by Georgian Jews from Akhaltsikhe who emigrated to Tbilisi at the end of the 19th century, so the synagogue is also called "synagogue of the Akhaltsikhe people" .
There is also a synagogue in Tbilisi built by the Jews of Tshinvali at 13 Kozhevennyi Tupik Street.

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