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Split ([splît], in ancient Greek, Ασπάλαθος, Aspálathos; in Latin, Spalatum) is a city located in southern Croatia, seaport of the Dalmatian coast, in the Adriatic Sea. It has 221 456 inhabitants, according to the 2007 census.
It is the main city in the Dalmatia region, the capital of the county of Split-Dalmatia and the second most populous city in the country, after Zagreb, from which 380 km away. It is an important fishing port and naval base of the Adriatic, as well as an important cultural and tourist center; The ancient city is an architectural jewel, declared a World Heritage Site in 1979. In its surroundings there are shipyards, cement and plastic factories, wood, wine and food industries.

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Diocletian's Palace

Diocletian's Palace (in Croatian, Dioklecijanova palača) is a monument built in the city of Split, Croatia, commissioned by the Roman emperor Diocletian between the 3rd and 4th centuries AD. C .. Diocletian ordered this palace to be built to spend his last days after his abdication in May 305. Today, the palace has been transformed into the heart of the city of Split and around it are all the important buildings and monuments of the city. Although it is called "palace" because it was intended to be used as a residence of Diocletian during his retirement, the term can be confusing, since the structure is solid and looks more like a great fortress: about half was for personal use of Diocletian, and the rest housed a military garrison.
Diocletian built the huge palace in preparation for his retirement on May 1, 305. It is in a bay on the southern side of a short peninsula that protrudes from the Dalmatian coast, about six and a half kilometers from Salona, ​​the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia. The slopes of the terrain descend gently towards the sea and are typically karst, formed by low limestone ridges that go from east to west, with marl in the hollows between them.
The palace is very well preserved and is recognized as one of the most beautiful architectural places on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. In 1979 Unesco declared the historical ensemble of Split, including Diocletian's palace, as a World Cultural Heritage.

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Split Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. Duje (or St. Domnius, in Croatian, Katedrala Svetog Dujma) is a Catholic cathedral in Croatia belonging to the Archdiocese of Split-Makarska.
Originally it was the mausoleum of Emperor Diocletian, although it was converted into a cathedral in the eighth century. To the octagonal building, a high bell tower was added at the end of the 13th century. It is part of the Diocletian's Palace and, therefore, has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979.

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National Theater of Croatia (Split)

The Croatian National Theater in Split (in Croatian: Hrvatsko narodno kazalište u Splitu or HNK Split) is a theater located in Split, Croatia. Opened in 1893, the theater is owned and managed by the city of Split and is one of the oldest surviving theaters in Dalmatia. The theater building was originally built as the Split Municipal Theater in 1893 during the mandate of then Mayor Gajo Bulat. The building was designed by local architects Emilio Vecchietti and Ante Bezić, while the interior decoration was done by Eugenio Scomparini, Napoleone Cozzi and Josip Varvodić. The theater, which had a capacity of 1,000 (at that time Split had a population of 16,000) was the largest theater in southeastern Europe at the time of its conclusion.

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Stari Plac Stadium

The Stari Plac Stadium (in Croatian: Stadion Stari Plac) is a multi-purpose stadium in Split, Croatia, which used to be used primarily for football. In April 2010 the Croatian rugby team played a match at the stadium against the Netherlands in the 2008-10 European Cup of Nations tournament.
The stadium area was built in what was originally a gas factory and was also used as a military training camp by the army. It was initially used as the stadium of HNK Hajduk Split, although it was a fundamental place in the first years it was not until 1926 that the first structure was built.

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Split Port

The Port of Split (in Croatian: Luka Split) is a port in the city of Dalmatia center of Split, Croatia. The port was originally a trading post established by the Greek settlers of the island of Vis, which was later taken by the Romans. The port prospered through the Middle Ages, but suffered a fall in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, when the port of Rijeka assumed control as the primary trading center and in the outbound shipments of the region. The decline was also attributed to the fall of the Ottoman Empire, a traditional market for the port of Split, and the growing dominance of the Austrian Empire. As of 2011, the port was ranked as the largest passenger port in Croatia and the third largest passenger port in the Mediterranean, with an annual passenger volume of approximately 4 million.

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