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We offer 460+ holiday rentals in Eger

The journey begins and you still have nothing ready. The first thing we recommend is that as soon as you know the number of nights you will be staying in Eger, you start exploring our website and discover the apartment that has been waiting for you all your life. Because if it's in your imagination, we have it too.

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Our selection of apartments in Eger

Akos Apartman

Főtér Apartman

Aranyvár Apartment

Hacienda Apartmanok

Vitalis Apartman

Bodza Apartmanok

Flair Apartmanház

Lizy apartman

Vino Apartman

My-Lord LuxApartman

Paradise Apartmanház

Balm Apartman

PR Apartman

Origo Apartman

Sasvár Apartman

Kis kacsa apartman

All our apartments in Eger

Bodza Apartmanok

Villa Inda Rooms

Janicsár Garden Apartman

Abbázia Apartman

Veronika apartman

Akos Apartman

Hibay Apartman

Frank Apartman

B&B Apartman Eger

Stefi Apartman

Silver Apartman

Sasvár Apartman

Keresztapa Vendégház

Farmhouse Apartman

Orchidea Apartman Eger

Macskakő Apartman

Zora Apartman

Mini Loft Apartman

Suzy Apartman

Room Bueno

Bródy Apartman

Demizson Apartman

Anikó Apartman

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The trip of your life can be in Eger

We offer you charming houses, quiet apartments and central flats. So that you can enjoy the most charming corners of Eger and then rest comfortably in your apartment. Enjoy your destination and discover the corners of your destination, the museums and the most interesting monuments and then rest in your accommodation with window, terrace or garden, whatever suits you best. If you really want to find accommodation so as not to leave it, we assure you that you can also find it on our website. We offer the option of renting an apartment in Eger exactly as you imagine, as we have a wide range of options.

In Geocalia we like to take care of each of the details of the apartments we offer you, so all our apartments comply with the regulations of Eger, the information and photographs of each of them are true and contrasted and each of our accommodations meet all the quality standards you deserve. So if what you want is to rent accommodation for that business trip you have pending or simply to enjoy your next holiday, we have what you need. When you plan that business trip that you have been postponing for so long or an escape that you are dying to do, discover the apartment that will make you enjoy your destination.