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Pécs Paleochristian Necropolis

The Paleochristian necropolis of the city of Pécs (formerly called Sopianae) in southern Panonia in Hungary is proof of the presence of a Christian community in the fourth century. The hypogea, the mausoleum and the remains of chapels discovered and preserved on the grounds of the necropolis constitute an exceptional heritage of the paleochristian community. It is one of the most important necropolis outside of Italy. The site is inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage list since 2000.
The necropolis has burial chambers on two levels. The frescoes of St. Peter and St. Paul are unique in Central Europe. There is also the oldest Paleochristian fresco that represents the Virgin. The constructions have continued to be used without modification until the end of the 16th century, thus preserving the architecture of the site for 1200 years.

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Pécs National Theater

The National Theater of Pécs (in Hungarian: Pécsi Nemzeti Színház) is the main theater of Pécs, in Hungary. The plays became a regular attraction in the city since the beginning of the 19th century in German and Hungarian. Very often shows were organized in larger dance halls, inns, and other stages. While it was continually planned from 1815 onwards, the theater first opened only in 1840 on Maria Street. Demolished in 1890, only a small part of the facade of this building remained. The premiere took place on October 5, 1895 with the work Bánk bán.
The theater became a national theater between 1949 and 1989. After the deterioration of the building, its situation worsened in the mid-1980s, so a 5-year reconstruction was carried out that began in 1986.

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Baranya County

Baranya is the name of an administrative county (megye), in present-day Hungary, in the Baranya region, which also existed in the former Kingdom of Hungary.
Baranya County is located in the south of the country, on the border with Croatia. The Drava River is part of its southern border, and the Danube River from its eastern border. It shares borders the counties of Somogy, Tolna and Bács Kiskun. The county capital is Pécs.

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