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Apartments in Florence

We offer 3,920+ holiday rentals in Florence

In Florence there are a large number of houses and apartments that have become a unique option to stay and enjoy a vacation where you can discover beautiful places full of culture and beauty.

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Our selection of apartments in Florence

La Casina

Le Rose Siberine - Antica Dimora

Residenza Arrivabene

Appartamento San Pietro Firenze

Apartment Vicky In Florence

Dependance Machiavelli

The View Of Sangiorgio

Terrazza De Medici


The Borgo Pinti Collection

Uffizi Home and Florence

Apartments Quiet In The City



Garbo charm, Case Galante Apartments in Florence

Apt. San Lorenzo I

All our apartments in Florence

Belle Arti 3


Apt. San Lorenzo I

San Lorenzo Suite

Domus Giorgio

Charme in Santa Croce

Casa Gordigiani di Berti Anna

Lovely flat in the historical Palazzo Gherardi

Uffizi Home and Florence

Didi House

Il Moro

New Sweet Florence

Florence City Garden

Date in Ponte Vecchio

Apartments Quiet In The City

Appartamento San Pietro Firenze

Santi Apostoli Red Apartment

I Ghibellini


Carraia Apartment

- Leone Apartment -

La Terrazza

Critone Apartment in Palazzo Tempi

La Casina

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Everyone loves to visit Florence on their vacation, what will be special?

The historic center of Florence looks like an open-air museum: it is a city that is full of white marble buildings, churches and masterpieces of art, as well as squares full of monuments and sculptures, beautiful bridges over the Arno River and gastronomy Almost insurmountable.

Florence is one of the ideal cities for the traveler, for having spectacular beauty. We can offer you the best apartment rentals of all kinds near very special restaurants, to enjoy their excellent classic Italian recipes. Florence is a small city where you can walk to all places of tourist interest. To stay in Florence any area is good: for example the center is perfect, because you will be 10 minutes from the main museums and galleries of tourist attraction. There are also beautiful places on the outskirts of the city where you can enjoy the tranquility of parks and gardens.

One of the best areas to stay are those near Piazza del Duomo, Piazza de la Signoria, or Piazza de la República, which are located in the historic center of the city, where the greatest tourist attraction is. We also offer you apartments in the main commercial areas, where many cafes, restaurants are located and bars Hotels in Florence are quite expensive, which is why renting apartments or houses has become a very common alternative. In them you can have more space and more amenities at a great price.