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Palermo (AFI: [paˈlɛrmo], in Sicilian: Palemmu [paˈlɛmmʊ], in the local dialect: Paliemmu [paˈljæmmʊ]) is a capital city of the autonomous region of Sicily and the metropolitan city of Palermo. In it, 860,000 people live (2016) and in its urban agglomeration it has about 980,000, a figure that increases to 1,500,135 inhabitants throughout its metropolitan area (the fifth most populous in Italy).
Its millenary history has endowed it with a considerable artistic and architectural heritage that ranges from Punic remains to houses of Art Nouveau style, passing through Arab and Norman style residences, baroque churches and neoclassical theaters. For cultural, artistic and economic activities, it was one of the largest cities in the Mediterranean and today is a popular summer destination for tourists visiting Italian lands.
In July 2015, the "Arab-Norman Palermo and Cefalú and Monreale cathedrals" group was included in the list of World Heritage by Unesco.

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Palermo Province

Palermo (in Italian Provincia di Palermo) was a province in the region of Sicily, in Italy. Its capital was the city of Palermo.
It had an area of 4,992 km², including the island of Ustica. It had a total population of 1,235,923 inhabitants. (2001), including 82 municipalities (source: ISTAT, see this link).
On August 4, 2015 it was replaced by the Metropolitan City of Palermo.

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Massimo Theater

The Teatro Massimo in Palermo is the largest of the opera houses in Italy and the third largest in Europe. It is dedicated to the king of Italy Victor Manuel II.
Neoclassical in taste, it was built on the grounds resulting from the demolition of the church of le Stimmate and the monastery of San Giuliano, at the end of the 19th century. The demolition works were started in 1875 after the successive setbacks that followed the 1864 contest, won by the architect Giambattista Filippo Basile. The theater is finished by his son, Ernesto Basile, who took over the construction in 1891 after the death of his father, ending on May 16, 1897 and opening with Verdi's Falstaff. Precisely the theater is located in G. Verdi square, in the old part of the city.

The exteriors of the theater, following the neoclassical fashion of using ancient architecture, presents a Corinthian pronao hexástilo elevated on a monumental staircase. On the sides of it are two bronze lions with allegories of Tragedy and Lyric. On the six columns you can read "L'Arte rinnova i popoli e ne rivela la vita": art renews the villages, and in them reveals life. There are several theories about the paternity of this phrase, without reaching consensus. A huge hemispherical dome was built on top of the building. The skeleton of the dome is a reticular metal structure that rests on a roller system that allows movements caused by temperature changes.
The symmetry around the entrance axis, the constant repetition of certain elements (columns, arched windows, etc.) and the rigorously composed decoration define a simple spatial structure and a clear, harmonic and geometric volumetry, of Greek and Roman inspiration. The formal references in this building are, in addition to anti-theaters, Roman religious and public buildings such as the temple, the civil basilica and the Roman baths, especially in terms of planimetric development of volumes and coverage.
The interior, decorated by painters (R. Lentini, E. De Maria Bercher, M. Cortegiani, L. Di Giovanni), has about three thousand five hundred seats.
The Massimo Theater reopened on May 12, 1997 after a long period of abandonment. Today it proposes a great variety of cultural events: ballets with internationally renowned artists, opera concerts, shows and meetings.

The last scenes of The Godfather III were shot at the Teatro Massimo.

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Quattro Canti

The Quattro Canti is an octagonal square located at the crossroads between the two main axes of Palermo: the Via Maqueda and il Cassaro (street of Phoenician origin, which joins the Acropolis with the Palace of the Normans, now known as Corso Vittorio Emanuele, and which constitutes the oldest street in the city). The exact name of the place is Piazza Vigliena (in homage to the viceroy Don Juan Fernandez Pacheco de Villena y Ascalon, Duke of Escalona)

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Palermo Metropolitan City

The Metropolitan City of Palermo (in Italian: Città metropolitana di Palermo) is a local Italian entity belonging to Sicily, in the south of the country. Its capital is the city of Palermo. It was established by regional Law n. August 15, 2015, replacing the Province of Palermo.

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Politeama Theater (Palermo)

The Politeama Garibaldi Theater (with the word Politeama a generic theater is designated where representations of varied genre are given, and therefore it is incorrect to use it to refer specifically to this Theater) is a theater located in the Piazza Ruggero Settimo (usually called Piazza Politeama) in the center of Palermo, Italy. Its name derives from the Greek πολι ("many") and θέαοαμαι ("observe", "look").

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