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Perugia, traditionally in Spanish Perugia , ([peˈruːdʒa] in Italian, Perusia in Latin) is an Italian city, capital of the Umbrian region, near the Tiber River, in the center of the Italian peninsula, as well as capital from the province of Perugia. In 2018, the city has 165,683 inhabitants of the province's total (657,786 inhabitants). The most important product is chocolate, with an annual fair in October on this food. Perugia stands out for having one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Italy. This was created in 1308 by Pope Clement V and currently houses just over 25,000 students (academic year 2014-2015). There are many young people from the five continents who come to Perugia for university stays with Erasmus programs or equivalent, and to follow Italian courses. To satisfy this demand, Perugia has, since 1925, a university for foreigners (Università per Stranieri di Perugia), where university degrees, language classes and Italian culture are taught. It is also the official headquarters of PLIDA exams to obtain official Italian degrees.
Despite being a relatively small city, it has a diverse and wide cultural life. You can always find small fairs or shows for its medieval streets. Bars and restaurants abound both day and night. On the weekends, the main street, Corso Vannucci, overflows with families who walk and the stairs of the November 4 square (Piazza IV Novembre) are filled with students and tourists.

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Province of Perugia

The province of Perugia is a province in the region of Umbria, in Italy. Its capital is the city of Perugia.
It has an area of ​​6,337.16 km2, and a total population of 657,786 inhabitants, in 2018.
The five most populated cities in the province are: Perugia, Foligno, Città di Castello, Spoleto and Gubbio.
The province of Perugia has 59 municipalities, which are distributed as follows:

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National Archaeological Museum of Umbria

The National Archaeological Museum of Umbria (in Italian, National Archaeological Museum dell'Umbría - MANU) is an archaeological museum based in Perugia in the Giordano Bruno square.
Since 1948 it is located in the complex of the former convent of Santo Domingo. It is articulated in two major main sections dedicated to Prehistory and the Etruscan-Roman period. In 1960, after donation from the municipality of Perugia, the Italian State entered into the management of the Museum. In 1964 the Soprintendenza alle antichità was instituted (today, "Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici dell'Umbría").
Many of the exhibits come from the excavations carried out in the 19th century: among them of great interest is the "sarcophagus dallo Sperandio", the "cipo of Perugia" and the "archaic bronzes of Castel San Mariano". Of great historical-archaeological interest is also the reconstruction in the place of the tomb of the Cai-Cutu (centuries III - I a. C.), comprehensive of the corresponding grave goods.
Many prehistoric objects come from the acquisition of a private collection, but also from excavation campaigns that, until the early twentieth century, expanded the museum's stock.

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Palazzo dei Priori (Perugia)

The Palazzo dei Priori or Palazzo Comunale, is one of the best examples of Italian public building of the communal age. It was built in Perugia between 1293 and 1443. Gothic style, it is accessed from Piazza IV Novembre, through a 13th century portal decorated with statues of a tap and a lion, and extends along the Corso Vannucci to the Via Boncampi It is still today the seat of part of the municipality and, on the third floor, of the Galleria nazionale dell'Umbria.

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