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Rimini (in Italian, Rimini) is a city in the Emilia-Romagna region located in northern Italy. It is located in front of the Adriatic Sea and is the main and the most populous center of the Ribera romañola, the second city by number of inhabitants (after Ravenna) of all the Romagna and the twenty-eighth largest city in Italy. It is a summer resort town of international fame, it expands along 15 km along the Adriatic coast with hotels, restaurants, bars, night clubs, equipped beaches and sports facilities, so its beach is the first in Italy for number of presences The development of tourism, begun in 1843 with the foundation of the first installation on the beach, was definitively affirmed in the following century, losing the original aristocratic and mundane connotation and becoming a mass phenomenon.
Rimini is not only a summer resort on the Romanesque riverbank, but also an interesting historical-cultural city (although this aspect is usually eclipsed with respect to the most famous capital of nightlife and mundane life). Colony founded in fact by the Romans in 268 a. C., throughout the period of its domination it has been a very important communication center between the north and the south of the Italian peninsula. On its ground the Roman emperors erected monuments such as the Arch of Augustus, the Tiberius Bridge and the Amphitheater; while during the Renaissance, under the Malatesta family, its court was one of the liveliest of the time, hosting artists of the caliber of Leon Battista Alberti, Piero della Francesca, Roberto Valturio, Matteo de 'Pasti and producing works such as the Malatestian Temple .
In the nineteenth century it has been one of the most active cities on the revolutionary front, hosting many of the revolutionary movements, while during World War II the city was an area of hard fighting and bombing, but also a place of proud partisan resistance. , which made me get a gold medal for civil value.
Favored by the geographical position and the receptive equipment, it was affirmed as one of the largest centers with Europe Fairgrounds, place of demonstrations and conferences of great importance.

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Tiberius Bridge

The Rimini Tiberius Bridge is an ancient Roman viaduct that crosses the Marecchia River (Italian: Marecchia). Its construction was begun in 14 a. C., under the government of Augustus, and ended during the Empire of Tiberius in 21 A.D. The bridge is part of the shield of the city.
Built in Istrian stone, like the local Arch of Augustus, it shares with this monument a certain austerity, not without harmony. The structure is formed by five semicircular arches, whose size increases as they approach the center.
Two famous Roman roads left the bridge, the Emilia road, which reached Piacenza, and the Popilia road, which led to Ravenna.
The Tiberius bridge was the only one that crosses the Marequia that was not destroyed by German troops during World War II.

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Augusto de Rimini's Arch

The Arch of Augustus of Rimini is a triumphal arch dedicated to the Emperor Augustus by the Roman Senate in the year 27 a. C. It is the oldest preserved Romanian arch. It marked the end of the Flaminia road, which communicated the city of Rimini with Rome.
The bronze statue of Emperor Augustus crowned the top of the arch, portrayed leading a quadriga.
Together with the Tiberius Bridge, it constitutes one of the symbols of the city, forming part of its shield.

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