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Grand Canal of Venice

The Grand Canal is the largest canal in the city of Venice, the largest wetland area in this country thanks to the multiple channels of different length and width that irrigate it, in Italy. This runs through Venice tracing an S and is followed in size and importance by the Regio or Cannaregio canal.

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Casa ai Greci: your home away from home

Residenza Ca' Brighella

Ca' Flavia

Casa Margherita Accademia

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Hotel Moresco ★★★★

Excess Venice Boutique Hotel & Private Spa ★★★★

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La Fenice

La Fenice (the phoenix) is a theater in the city of Venice (Italy), considered one of the most famous opera houses for having premiered many of the best-known Italian operas. Opened in 1792, after two fires in 1836 and 1996, it has been active since 2003.

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Le Conterie Blu e Rosse

Maison Marea

Studio San Marco R&R

Palazzo Morosini Degli Spezieri

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Doge's Palace in Venice

The Palazzo Ducale ('Doge's Palace'), located at the eastern end of St. Mark's Square, is one of the symbols of the glory and power of Venice (Veneto, Italy). Gothic building, its two most visible facades face the Venetian lagoon and St. Mark's Square. The palace was the residence of the Doges, seat of the government and of the court of justice and prison of the Republic of Venice.

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Casa Carlo Goldoni

Ca' Del Mariner with Terrace

Leone Marciano Venice Apartment

Ca del Pape

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St. Mark's Square

St. Mark's Square is the "only" Venice square, and its main tourist destination, abundant in photographers and tourists. It is attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte, although some believe it was Alfred de Musset, to nickname him plus elégant salon d'Europe (the most beautiful salon in Europe).

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Lagoon Apartments

Bacino San Marco Exclusive View R&R

Henry's Heaven Apartment

Ca’ degli Oresi

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San Cassiano Theater

The San Cassiano Theater or San Cassiano di Venice, created in 1637, was the first public opera house in the world. It created the concept of charging a ticket to see an opera. It was established by a businessman with the support of the Venetian family Tron. At this time, all the theaters in Venice were private theaters belonging to the aristocratic families.
A first building was built by Andrea Palladio in 1565 near the Rialto. But its wooden structure was destroyed in a fire in 1629 and quickly replaced by a stone building acquired by the Tron family. In San Cassiano L'Andromeda de Manelli and Ferrari premiered and several commercial operas including those of Francesco Cavalli, who directed it for some time.

Public theaters increased and during the 17th century, Venice was the lyrical capital of the world, so in 1807 its last functions were presented in San Cassiano and in 1812 it was demolished, an anonymous French author of the 18th century said of Venice the following: Each house, someone is playing a musical instrument or singing.

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Ca' del Cafetier

Ve-nice Suite Canal Grande SC1979

Ve.N.I.Ce Cera Casa Dolce Vita

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Venice Guggenheim Museum

The Peggy Guggenheim collection is the most important museum in Italy and one of the most important in Europe about European and American art of the first half of the 20th century. It is located in the Venier dei Leoni Palace, on the Grand Canal, in Venice (Dorsoduro, 70).

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Appartamento Le Magnolie 2

Residenza Grandi Vedute

Ca Savelli

San Luca Apartment

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Martian Library

The Nazionale Marciana or San Marcos Library, patron saint of the city of Venice, Italy, is one of the oldest manuscript depository libraries in the country and houses one of the largest collections of classical texts in the world. It is located in the piazetta of St. Mark's Square in the heart of Venice.

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Majoorel (near San Marco)

Appartamento San Tomà

Al Foghèr

Venice Appartament Salini

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St Mark's Campanile

The campanile of San Marcos is the campanile - a particular type of bell tower, exempt and independent of the temple - of the basilica of San Marcos in Venice (Veneto, Italy), located in a corner of the square of San Marcos, near the cover of the basilica. It is one of the symbols of the city. Galileo Galilei demonstrated his telescope to the Doge on August 21, 1609.
It has a total height of 98.6 meters. Its main body, made of brick, is a square base prism 12 m long and 50 m high, on which a white bell tower with four arches per side sits, which houses five bells. The bell tower has a bucket on its top, whose faces are lions and the female representation of Venice (the Giustizia) alternately. The construction is crowned by a pyramidal needle at the end of which there is a golden weather vane with the figure of the archangel Gabriel. The tower that is observed today is a reconstruction of 1912, after the collapse of 1902, although the original form of 1514 remained.

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San Giovanni Novo Apartments

Corte dei Santi

Cà Domino

Le Tango

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San Polo Field

The Campo de San Polo is the largest square in Venice after the Plaza de San Marcos. It is located in the sestiere of San Polo.
Originally it was dedicated to agriculture and grazing, until in 1493 it was fully paved, placing a well (one of the few fountains found in Venice) in the center. Later it was used as a stage for many bullfights, mask dances and religious sermons. In the seventeenth century, the market of the poor moved from here to San Marco square.
It remains to this day one of the most popular places in the carnival and is also used for outdoor concerts and screenings during the film festival.
Lorenzino de Medici was murdered here in 1548.
In front of the church are the following buildings:

San Polo Church
Tiépolo Palace
Soranzo Palace
Donà Palace
Corner Mocenigo Palace

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Queen House Garden

Ca' Delle Erbe

Corte Barozzi Venice Suites

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Ca de le Colonnette - St Marks Square

Casa Jaqueline ( Attico )

Ca' Venar

Residenza Ducato

Santa Fosca Design Apartment R&R

Santa Croce Wonderful Venice

Palazzo Morosini Brandolin Dimora Romantica

Ca' Delfina Holiday Home

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