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Monument to the shipyard workers fallen in 1970

The Monument to shipyard workers who fell in 1970 (Polish: Pomnik Poległych Stoczniowców 1970) is a monument in the form of three crosses with anchors (that's why in Poland it is often called the monument of three crosses or simply Three Crosses). Each cross weighs 42 tons and each anchor. The monument is adorned with a fragment of the poem Który skrzywdziłeś by Czesław Miłosz and its pedestal - with reliefs by Robert Pelpliński and Elżbieta Szczodrowska.
The monument, designed by Bogdan Pietruszka, Wiesław Szyślak, Wojciech Mokwiński and Jacek Krenz, was built as a part of promises from the Polish government (after strikes of the Solidarność in August 1980) to commemorate shipyard workers killed in December 1970.
It was inaugurated on December 16, 1980.

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Polish Baltic Philharmonic

The Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin Baltic Polish Philharmonic in Gdansk was founded in 1945 as the Symphony Orchestra. The inaugural concert took place on September 29 in the city of Sopot. In 1949, being nationalized, it was renamed Baltic Polish Philharmonic. In 1953 it was merged with the local opera and renamed Opera and Polish Baltic Philharmonic. After a new symphony orchestra was founded in 1974, the Philharmonic became an independent institution and got its current name in 1993.
Since September 2008 its director is Kai Bumann. He was previously directed by the philharmonic professor Roman Perucki, a well-known and award-winning organist.
It was also chosen to host the 2010 edition of the Wikimanía international congress.

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Olowianka Island (in Polish, wyspa Ołowianka; in German, Bleihof, which means "lead island"), is a river island in the city of Gdansk located east of the city center. [ 1] It is surrounded by the Motława River and the Stepka Canal. There is a municipal revitalization plan for this area as a "River Front" that would entail building a musical center and a hotel, among other activities.
Immediately behind the island, behind the bridge over the Stepka Canal, between the Maritime Museum, operates a ferry that connects it to the city center of Gdansk.

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