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Three Crosses Square

The Three Crosses Square (Plac Trzech Krzyży) is a central square in the city of Warsaw. It is part of the so-called "Royal Route" of the Polish capital.
It is between Nowy Świat Street and Aleje Ujazdowskie Avenue. It is a slightly elliptical square, elongated in a north-south direction. On its inner island are the Church of San Alejandro and the monument to San Juan Nepomucen. Previously the square was known as San Alejandro Square. Its current name is due to the three crosses that are in it: the one that crowns the church and those that are on the red marble columns located in front of the church.
The streets that converge in this square are (starting in the north and listed clockwise): Nowy Świat, Książęca, Wiejska, Aleje Ujazdowskie, Mokotowska, Hoża, Żurawia and Bracka.
Several prestigious international clothing chains are concentrated around the square. The significant buildings around the square are:

Instytut Głuchoniemych i Ociemniałych (Institute of Hearing and Change Disability), a palace built in 1827 to house the foundation for deaf people created by the priest Jakub Falkows
Kamienica Pod Gryfami (Pod Gryfami building), a neoclassical building from 1884-86 made by the architect Józef Huss.
Ministerstwo Gospodarki (Ministry of Economy).
Kamienica Lucińskiego (Lucińskiego building), whose first construction dates from the end of the 18th century and was made by the architect Dominik Merlini. It currently houses a series of luxury offices.

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Music (sculpture)

Music - a monument in Warsaw (Poland), on roof of building on Koszykowa street 34/50. Opened in 1952. Designed by Józef Gosławski; performed together with Wanda Gosławska and Stanisław Gosławski. Sculpture is an allegory of music.

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PKO Bank Polski

Powszechna Kasa Oszczędności Bank Polski Spółka Akcyjna (commonly using the abbreviated form PKO Bank Polski S.A. or PKO BP S.A.) (WSE: PKO) is the largest bank in Poland. Although listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, as of July 2009 the state still holds 51.24% of the shares.
Partially privatized by the Polish state, and still being one of the state banks, PKO BP is currently one of the largest companies in Poland and the Forbes Global 2000 list. The full name Powszechna Kasa Oszczędności closely means "Savings Bank General ", and Bank Polski means" Polish Bank. " Popularly only the acronym is used.
Due to its size and its position as one of the first banks in Poland, PKO is still one of the most recognized brands in this country. Today, PKO employs 37,000 people and has an income of 2,000 million dollars. In recent years the bank has invested outside Poland, the acquisition of the Ukrainian bank Kredyt Bank Ukraina is notable. The company is based in the center of Warsaw.
PKO BP has an electronic banking division called iPKO.
PKO BP should not be confused with another former large Polish bank, and with the same acronym, Bank Pekao S.A.

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Bank Polska Kasa Opieki

Bank Polska Kasa Opieki Spółka Akcyjna, commonly used the abbreviated name
Bank Pekao S.A., is a universal bank with headquarters in Warsaw, Poland. The Italian bank UniCredit owns 53% of the company.

The bank was founded in 1929 by the Treasury Ministry as a national bank, mainly to provide financial services to Poles living abroad. In 1939 the bank had branches in virtually every city in countries where there were Polish residents.
The full name "Polska Kasa Opieki" can be literally translated as "Polish Help Bank" (it can also be translated as "Polish Health Fund"), and the popular form "Pekao" reproduces the acronym "PKO."
Bank Pekao S.A. It should not be confused with another large and old Polish bank, with the same acronym, PKO Bank Polski.

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InterContinental Warsaw

The InterContinental Warsaw is a five-star hotel in the Polish capital, (Warsaw), located between Emilia Plater, Sliska, and Sosnowa streets, was designed by a team of architects under the direction of Spychala Tadeusz. Its construction began in 2001 and ended in November 2003. It is the tallest hotel in Poland, the third highest in Europe, and one of the highest 5-star hotels in the world.
The building is characterized by its unusual shape and is kept in light green tones, as is the adjacent Warsaw Financial Center building. The building houses 326 rooms of various categories or classes, including the presidential suite, 77 luxury suites with kitchens, and has 12 conference rooms. The building also has a ballroom, two bars, two restaurants, a chocolate fountain, sauna, gym, spa and solarium. On floors 43 and 44 (150 meters above ground level) there is a modern pool, which is the highest indoor pool in Europe. It has an underground car park with capacity for 175 vehicles, spread over five levels. The construction of the building exceeded more than 100 million euros in its cost.
In order to build the skyscraper, the grounds were closed for almost a year, the inhabitants of the blocks that surrounded the area protested against the new building, claiming that the sun could darken. Ultimately, however, they reached an agreement with the residents, thanks to the unique way of building the access of the sun to the street is not "cut".
The InterContinental Warsaw is the tallest hotel in Poland and the third in Europe after Hotel Ukraine in Moscow and the Grand Hotel Bali in Spain. The hotel has the deepest parking of all skyscrapers in Poland, with a depth of 20.7 meters

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Warsaw Financial Center

The Warsaw Financial Center (WFC) is an office building in Warsaw. It is located between Emilia Plater and Świętokrzyska streets in the very center of the city. Completed in 1998, it was the first modern office building in the Polish capital.
The Warsaw Financial Center was designed by the American companies A. Epstein & Sons International and Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates in collaboration with Polish architects. The building design was inspired, among others, by the 333 Wacker Drive building located in Chicago.
In total, the Warsaw Financial Center has 50 thousand m2 of type A + space for rent as well as 350 parking spaces for cars and bicycles. Each of the 32 floors of the building has 1900 m2 of space of 2.75 m of altitude that is fully adapted for the disabled. Transportation between the floors of the building is facilitated by 16 elevators. In this skyscraper of 144 meters high are the headquarters of almost 70 companies. The high-end technological solutions, such as the water treatment point, the generator set or the tanks with a capacity of about 600 thousand liters that are located in the basement make the building self-sufficient in terms of access to electricity, thermal energy and water.
Since late 2012 the Warsaw Financial Center is owned by the Allianz Real Estate and Curzon Capital Partners III consortium which is an investment fund managed by Tristan Capital Partners.

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Centrum LIM

The LIM Centrum also known as "Marriott Hotel" is a skyscraper in the Polish capital. (Warsaw), was built in 1989 in the Śródmieście district in central Warsaw, by LIM, a consortium of three partners: LOT Polish Airlines, ILBAU (Austrian construction company) and Marriott International (the operator of the hotel chain). In 1998, ILBAU sold its stake to SGS GmbH.
The building quickly gained prestige and popularity, in part, for being one of the first five-star hotels in Poland, which is why it is well known, the locals commonly call the facility "The Marriott".
The designers were Jerzy Skrzypczak, Bielobradek Andrzej, and Krzysztof Stefanski. Those who sought the way to give the city an international style. The facade is dark green, and is adjacent to the Oxford Tower. The building has white borders (which are illuminated at night with white and bright light), as well as two floors that form dark horizontal stripes, one at medium height of the structure and the other at the top, which serve as areas of services.
On the lower two floors, there is a shopping center known as the LIM Gallery. That includes about 40 stores, cafes and restaurants, and a LOT ticket office. It has a space for office rental that is located at the bottom of the tower (between floors 5 and 19), and above the central floors of the building are the hotel rooms. The building also houses a casino. The Marriott Hotel is located on the upper floors of the 20th floor, where there are 523 rooms and 95 suites. On the top floor there is a presidential suite, each room has air conditioning and satellite internet and television connections, in addition hotel guests have at their disposal a sauna, swimming pool, conference rooms, restaurants and nine bars. Without its 30 meters of the antenna, the building is 140 meters high.
The building is connected to the Warsaw metro by Warszawa Centralna station.
There is a proposal for a 71-story tower that will be built on the site currently occupied by the lower west wing of the building.

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Rondo 1

The Rondo 1 is a high-rise skyscraper of the Polish capital, (Warsaw), the building is used for offices and is known primarily for housing the Frontex headquarters, has a total height of 192 meters and is located at the ONZ roundabout in Warsaw (Rondo ONZ, in Polish) hence its name. This is one of the large buildings built in the area of ​​John Paul II Avenue in the Warsaw financial district, next to it the Warsaw Metro Warszawa Centralna station in 1998 and the InterContinental Warsaw in 2003 are built. designed by the architecture studio known by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, in collaboration with the AZO Warsaw studio. The general contractor is HOCHTIEF Poland, the building block consists of two parts depending on the retail and service categories: The lower one of 10 floors, whose construction was completed in early 2005, and the upper one of more than 40 floors. The entire 40-story tower has a glass facade and is illuminated at night.
Construction work began in the spring of 2003, on August 7, 2004, the act of laying the stone was carried out by Jolanta Kwasniewska and on March 7, 2006 there was an opening ceremony of the facilities. The building cost over 200 million euros. The skyscraper is one of the smartest buildings in the capital. A BMS system has been installed, which allows to control the functions of the building from a PC, (lighting, temperature in the rooms, etc).
The main offices are approximately 70,000 m², the building has 18 panoramic elevators (with a waiting time of less than 30 s) and 2 forklifts. In turn, the lower part of the construction is used for retail and parking services, Carrefour Express supermarkets, flower shop, bars, press room, cafeteria, laundry, sushi restaurant, beauty salon and a UNICEF shelf. This is the second building in the Polish capital of AAA class after the Warsaw Metropolitan Building, which has facilities for the most prestigious location, modern equipment and better architecture.
The building was designed so that in the future, when subway station II is created (at the ONZ roundabout), the building could be connected to it with a direct transition, which will facilitate access to the station platform. However, in recent proposals for the construction of the subway station, they proposed a place on the opposite side of the intersection.

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TP S.A. Tower

TP S.A. Tower is a skyscraper of the Polish capital, (Warsaw), which is formed by an office tower. It is located on Twarda Street, in the financial district of Warsaw, in the city center and houses the headquarters of its investor, the telecom operator Telekomunikacja Polska (TP), with a small space dedicated to other companies.
Piasecki S.A. was initially hired to build the tower. (PIA) on August 1, 1997, originally scheduled to be completed on June 30, 2002. In 2002, however, the contractor was unable to complete the structure due to the tense financial situation, and the investment firm was hired to PORR Polonia SA (Who has made a series of office buildings and towers of Warsaw) to finish the construction. Following the signing of the new contract in early 2003, the tower was completed in December 2003. The tower was built through the "top-down" technology, with two parts of the structure above and below ground at the same time. it is being constructed. During the excavation of the foundations of the tower, 580 kg of World War II artillery helmets were found eight meters below ground level.
The tower was designed by the architects of Apar-Diseño and Arca A & C, Dispatches, and consists of a composition of cylinders and parallelepipeds. The structural design was in charge of the ATM Thomas Ziętała. The tower has 30 floors and five underground floors, It has a depth of 16.5 meters below ground level and increases to 128 meters high. The building has almost 50,000 m² of space, more than 41,000 of which are usable.
A unique feature of the building is the exterior elevator shaft, inclined 14 °, which connects the street level with one of the highest office floors by means of an elevator car that runs at 2.5 m / s. Apart from this, there are seven other straight elevators in the core of the building. The tower is a modern, intelligent building, equipped with the construction of automation systems. A helicopter landing platform (Helipad) sits on the building, which prevents the maximization of height with fixations such as antennas.

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Warszawa Centralna Station

Warsaw Central Station (in Polish, Dworzec Warszawa Centralna) is the most important railway and metro station in Warsaw, capital of Poland. Its construction began in 1972 and was completed in 1975. The station, located on the city's central avenue, has four metro platforms (eight rails in total) and serves domestic and international long-distance trains of PKP Intercity and Regionalne Przewozy, as well as some of the regional trains operated by Koleje Mazowieckie.

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Parade Square

The Parade Square (in Polish Plac Defilad w Warszawie) is a square located in the city of Warsaw in Poland. It is located within the Warszawa-Śródmieście district, where the old town is. It is located between Ulica Świętokrzyska (Santa Cruz Street) in the north, Aleje Jerozolimskie (Jerusalem Avenue) in the south, Ulica Marszałkowska (Marshal Street) in the east and the Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science from the west, by what is one of the central squares of Warsaw. The Parade Square is the fourth largest urban square in the world and the largest in the European Union.
Built in the 1950s together with the Palace of Culture and Science. It was used extensively by the government of the People's Republic of Poland for different propaganda parades (hence its name Parade Square). It has lost its importance after the fall of communism, ironically becoming the site of a huge market. Criticized by the ugliness and poor organization of the market, several plans have been thought to modernize or replace the square with a building (which have caused protests by local merchants). The latest plans are related to the construction of a modern art museum instead (opened in 2015) and a new concert hall, in addition to multiple skyscrapers and other public facilities.

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Zoom out Jerozolimskie

Zoom out Jerozolimskie (literally Jerusalem Avenues) is one of the most important streets in the city of Warsaw, Poland. It runs through the city center along the east-west axis, connecting the Wola neighborhood to the west with the bridge over the Vistula River and the Prague neighborhood across the river.

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Atlantic cinema

The Atlantic Cinema (in Polish: Kino Atlantic) is a cinema in Warsaw, Poland notable for being the oldest still in operation in that city. It is located at 33 Chmielna Street in the Śródmieście district. It was opened to the public in 1930 as a luxury cinema with expensive tickets. As the only cinema in Warsaw that survived the Warsaw Uprising, it was renovated after World War II. In early 2000 it was rebuilt and currently houses 4 screens and 794 seats.

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Złota 44

The Złota 44 is a residential skyscraper located in the center of Warsaw, Poland. It was designed by the Judeo-Polish American architect Daniel Libeskind and, with its 52 floors and 192 meters high, is the tallest residential skyscraper in the European Union and together with Rondo 1, the third tallest skyscraper in Warsaw .

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