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Funchal [fũˈʃaɫ] is the capital of the island of Madeira, one of the autonomous regions of the Republic of Portugal (the other is the Azores). In addition to the capital, the city is characterized by being the largest urban center of the island. Funchal is the most prominent city in insular Portugal. Funchal Conurbation Area: (Funchal / Câmara de Lobos / Machico / Santa Cruz / Caniço / Ribeira Brava).

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Funchal Cathedral

The Funchal Cathedral (in Portuguese, Sé do Funchal, on the island of Madeira), is one of the few buildings that survived virtually intact since the times of the Portuguese colonization.
During the 90s of the 15th century, Manuel I of Portugal sent the architect Pêro Anes to work on the design of the Cathedral of Funchal, which was completed in 1514. However, in 1508, when Funchal was elevated to the category of city, Masses were already celebrated in the temple. However, the top of the tower and some more details only came to be completed around the years 1517-1518.
In the cathedral, the apse seats that display saints, prophets and apostles in 16th-century costumes stand out. Aspects of Madeira's life can be seen in the decorative details of the seats and armrests, such as a cherub carrying a bunch of bananas and another carrying a wineskin full of wine.
The church has an exceptional processional cross, offered by King Manuel I. This alfaya of worship in silver is considered one of the masterpieces of the Portuguese Manueline goldsmiths.

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Funchal Harbor

The Port of Funchal (in Portuguese: Porto do Funchal) is a port located between a bay consisting of a transparent blue sea, the city of Funchal and the mountains of the island of Madeira in Portugal. Located 15 minutes walk from the city center, the Port of Funchal is also a starting point for visits to the island.
For decades and until the Second World War, Madeira was the crossing point for large ocean vessels, due to its location in the middle of the Atlantic, having become an important port of call for routes between Europe and the African and American continents .

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