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Hermitage Museum

The Hermitage Museum (in Russian Эрмитаж, hermitage, from the French hermitage, "hermitage", "refuge of the hermit") of St. Petersburg, Russia, is one of the largest art galleries and antique museums in the world. The museum's collection occupies a complex consisting of six buildings located on the banks of the Neva River, the most important of these being the Winter Palace, the official residence of the ancient czars. The rest of the architectural complex is made up of five buildings, including the Menshikov Palace, the General Staff Building and an open storage facility. The museum was formed with the private collection that the Czars were acquiring for several centuries, and it was not until 1917 when it was declared a State Museum.
His collection, consisting of more than three million pieces, ranges from Roman and Greek antiques, paintings and sculptures of Western European, Eastern art, archaeological pieces, Russian art, jewelry or weapons. Its art gallery is considered one of the most complete in the world. The museum is one of the largest museums in the world.

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Apartment on the Nevsky

Island of Freedom

Mike Ryss' Royal Apartment

Apartment on Zanevskaya Ploshchad

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Мини отель м.Владимирская

Мини-гостиница Спортивная

Lahta Plaza Hotel ★★★★

Невский проспект, 172

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Russian State Museum

The Russian State Museum (in Russian: Государственный Русский музей), known until 1917 as Imperial Museum of His Majesty Alexander III, is a St. Petersburg museum located in Mikhailovsky Palace and dedicated entirely to Russian artists. Next to the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow is the most important of its specialty. It was inaugurated on April 13, 1895 by Nicholas II in memory of his father, Tsar Alexander III. It is the largest museum of Russian art in St. Petersburg and one of the largest in the country.

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Apartment "Chagall House"

Luxury Apartment on 6 linia Vasilevskogo ostrova

Atlant Apartments

Apartment TwoPillows Yachtennaya

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Velvet ★★★★

Tuchkov Hotel at the Palace Square ★★★

Red Room Hotel

Helvetia Hotel ★★★★★

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Bronze Knight

The Bronze Horseman (in Russian, Медный всадник, literally "Copper Knight") is an equestrian sculpture of Peter the Great, made in bronze by Étienne-Maurice Falconet in St. Petersburg, Russia. It receives this name due to the influence of the homonymous poem by Aleksandr Pushkin, one of the greatest poems of the Russian language. It is now a symbol of St. Petersburg, as the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of New York.
The block on which the statue stands is known as Thunder Stone, and it is said to be the largest rock that man has moved. In fact, the rock is not only huge, but it was transported six kilometers to the coast of the Gulf of Finland only by force of man, without animals or machines.
It still stands on the shore of the Neva. The effect caused by the statue is as original as it is great: the sculpture does not rest on an architectural pedestal, but the horse rears up on the granite rock; the Tsar lacks a sword; his haughty figure, who seems to designate the new capital by hand and mark a path to his people, does not evoke the warrior, but the legislator and the civilizer.

Our selection of Apartments in Bronze Knight

Kays lux apartment in centre 140m2

Letyourflat Apartments ''Scandinavian''

Apartment in Historic Centre of St.Petersburg

Letyourflat Apartments "Mariinsky"

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St. Petersburg historical center

The historic center of St. Petersburg and annexed monumental complexes is the name used by UNESCO when the buildings of the former Russian city of St. Petersburg were designated, as well as the complexes located in the vicinity of the World Heritage area in 1990.
The site was recognized for its architectural heritage and the incredible and unique fusion of baroque, neoclassical, and for its influences of Russian architecture.

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Tri Kita Lux Apartment

Apartments near the University

D apartments на Чайковского

2-Bedroom apartment on Nevsky 65

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Alejandro's column

The Alexander column (in Russian, Алекса́ндровская коло́нна, Aleksándrovskaya kolonna), also known as the Alejandrina column (in Russian, Александри́йская коло́нна, Aleksandríyskaya kolonna) is a column in the center of St. Petersburg in the monumental square in the St. Peter's square in the monumental square in the St. Petersburg in the monumental square in the St. Petersburg square memory of Emperor Alexander I, who had ruled Russia between 1801 and 1825. It was erected to commemorate the Russian victory in the war against the French invasion of Napoleon's armies.

Our selection of Apartments in Alejandro's column

Нева центр

Апартаменты на Рубинштейна 11

Homelike Aparts

Apartment on Vosstania 53

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Mikhailovsky Theater

The Mikhailovsky Theater (in Russian: Михайловский театр), also called Maly Theater ("small theater") and Musorgsky Theater, is a St. Petersburg theater dedicated to plays, opera and ballet. Opened on April 11, 1806 - one of the oldest in Russia - it owes its name to Miguel Pavlovich of Russia.
Since 2007, the Artistic Director of the Mijáilovski Opera is Yelena Obraztsova and Artistic Director of the Ballet is Faruj Ruzimtov. At the end of 2009, the continuous disagreements with the owner of the theater and fruit mogul Vladimir Kejman force a sharp departure from Faruj Ruzimátov. After a period of transition with Mikhail Messerer, in 2010, he signed as new director Nacho Duato.
The Mikhailovsky Ballet debuted in London in July 2008 at the London Coliseum.

Our selection of Apartments in Mikhailovsky Theater

Apartments Venera

Apartment on Dmitrovskiy 7

Apartment on Turku

Nulevoy Kilometr

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Palace Square (St. Petersburg)

The Palace Square (in Russian, Дворцовая площадь, Dvortsóvaya Plóshchad), joins Nevsky Prospekt with the Palace Bridge leading to Vasilyevsky Island, is the central square of St. Petersburg and the former Russian Empire. The place was the scene of many events of worldwide importance, including Bloody Sunday (1905) and the October Revolution (1917).
The oldest and most famous building in the square is the Winter Palace of the Russian tsars (1754-62), in white and blue baroque style, which gives its name to the square. Although the adjacent buildings have a neoclassical construction, they combine perfectly with the palace in terms of scale, rhythm and monumentality.
The opposite side of the square, the south side, was designed in an arc shape by the architect George von Velten in the 18th century. However, von Velten's plans were put into practice half a century later, when Alexander I of Russia imagined the square as a huge monument to the Russian victory against Napoleon Bonaparte and commissioned Carlo Rossi (in: Carlo Rossi (architect) ) to design the General Staff Building (1819-29). This arch-shaped and Empire-style construction features a double triumphal arch topped with a Roman quadriga in the center.
The middle of the square is indicated by the Alexander Column (1830-34), designed by Auguste de Montferrand. This column of red granite (the highest of its kind in the world) is 47.5 meters high and weighs around 600 tons. It is so well established that it does not need to be attached to its base.
The eastern part of the square is occupied by the Guard Corps Barracks (1837-43), created by Aleksandr Briulov. However, the western side opens towards the Admiralty Square, which makes the Palace Square a vital part of the great set of squares in St. Petersburg.

Our selection of Apartments in Palace Square (St. Petersburg)

Riverside Apartment 140m2

Volna by the Hermitage

Letyourflat Apartments "Sweet"

Yellow Panoramic Seaside Apartment

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Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood or Church of the Resurrection of Christ (in Russian: Храм Спаса на Крови) is a St. Petersburg church, located on the bank of the Griboedova canal (named in honor of Aleksandr Griboydodov) near the park of the Russian Museum and Nevsky Avenue. The official name in Russian is Собор Воскресения Христова, which means Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ, and was built on the place where Tsar Alexander II of Russia was killed, victim of an attack on March 13, 1881 (March 1 to the Julian calendar, in force in Russia at that time). During World War II and the blockade of the city, a bomb fell on top of the highest dome of the church. The bomb did not explode and was inside the dome of the church for 19 years. Only when the workers went up to the dome to mend the leaks, the bomb was found and removed. Then it was decided to begin the restoration of the Church of spilled blood.
After 27 years of restoration, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood was inaugurated as a state museum where visitors can learn the story of the assassination of Alexander II.

Our selection of Apartments in Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

Апартаменты в центре

Griboyedova 64

Apartment at Mokhovaya 39


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St. Petersburg State University

The St. Petersburg State University (in Russian, Санкт-Петербургский государственный университет, Sankt-Peterburgskiy gosudárstvenny universitet) is a Russian higher education institution, owned by the state of St. Petersburg. It is one of the oldest, largest and most prestigious universities in Russia, located in place in the 2011 QS ranking and among the 351-400 best by the THE classification.
It is made up of twenty specialized faculties, thirteen research institutes, Canada College, Faculty of Military Studies, and a chair of Physical Culture and Sports. It has a teaching staff of 4,055 teachers (2004), and about 39,000 students. The university has two main campuses: on Vasilyevsky Island and in Peterhof. During the Soviet period, it was designated as Leningrad State University (Ленинградский государственный университет).

Our selection of Apartments in St. Petersburg State University

Stylish apartment on Belinskogo 5

Pryanik Apartments

Apartments line-13

Apartament on Varshavskaya 6

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Winter Palace

The Winter Palace (Russian: Зимний дворец) located in St. Petersburg, Russia, was between 1732 and 1917, the official residence of the czars of Russia. It is currently the headquarters of the Hermitage Museum.

Our selection of Apartments in Winter Palace

V Tsarskoy Stolitse

Aparments on Zanevskij

Апартаменты Золотая Арка

Апартаменты на Фурштатской

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Mariinski Palace

Mariinski Palace, also known as Maria's Palace (in Russian: Мариинcкий дворец) ?, was the last Russian Imperial palace of neoclassical style built in St. Petersburg. It was built between 1839 and 1844 by a design by the architect of the court Andréi Stackenschneider.

Our selection of Apartments in Mariinski Palace

Apartament on Varshavskaya 23 kitchen wooden

Двухкомнатные Апартаменты на Невском 79

ApartStudio FontanКа

LUX-Apart on Fontanka

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Mikhailovsky Palace

Mikhailovsky Palace (in Russian: Михайловский дворец) may refer to one of the following palaces located in the city of St. Petersburg, Russia:

Old Mikhailovsky Palace - Neoclassical palace of Grand Duke Miguel Pavlovich of Russia, designed by architect Carlo Rossi, and built between 1819-1825 and headquarters of the Russian State Museum since 1895. New Mikhailovsky Palace - Eclectic-style Palace located on the Palace Quay , designed by Andréi Stackensneider for Grand Duke Miguel Nikolayevich of Russia, and built between 1857 and 1861, the statues were sculpted by David Jensen. Mikhailovsky Castle - the sinister residence of Tsar Paul I of Russia.

Our selection of Apartments in Mikhailovsky Palace

Letyourflat Apartments "Fusion"

Na Konyushennom Apartments

Петербургская поэма

Апартаменты на Ленинском,91

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Strokovov Palace

The Strokov Palace (in Russian: Строгановский дворец)? It is a palace in late Baroque style at the intersection of the Moika River and the Nevsky Prospekt, in St. Petersburg, Russia. The palace was built by Bartolomeo Rastrelli and designed for Baron Sergey Grigóriyevich Stroganov in 1753-1754. The interiors were remodeled by Andréi Voronijin at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. Later, it was partially redecorated in a historical style by Harald von Bosse and other masters until the end of the 19th century. At present, the palace is part of the Russian Museum. The main floor gradually leads to the memorial exhibition. The part of the main floor bordering the river is used as a Convention Center.

Our selection of Apartments in Strokovov Palace

With A View Over Church

APART24 Chekhov str.

River View Apartment

Apartments Vasilevski

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Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan (St. Petersburg)

For the homonymous cathedral in Moscow, see Moscow Kazan Cathedral.
The Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan is the main cathedral of the city of St. Petersburg (Russia) and is dedicated to the Virgin of Kazan, which is probably the most revered icon of Russia.

Our selection of Apartments in Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan (St. Petersburg)

14 Pestelya - modern apartment in the center of St. Petersburg

9th Corner

Apartment on Efimova 5

Apartment Obvodnyi Luxe

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St. Petersburg Admiralty

The Admiralty of St. Petersburg, built between 1806 and 1823, was the headquarters of the School of Russian Imperial Admirals. It is located at the western end of Nevski Avenue, it is one of the most famous monuments in the city.

Our selection of Apartments in St. Petersburg Admiralty

Lahta Center / 1

Apartments on Marsovo Pole

Studio Apartments "My favorite place"

Apartment on Yablochkova 22/3

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Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange

The Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange (in Russian language Здание Биржи, Zdànie Birji) is located in the city of his name (Russia) is the main building of the architectural complex of the Strelka or ram of Vasilevski Island. The building, which is located in the Plaza de la Bolsa No. 4, is a significant example of Greek-inspired neoclassical architecture. Designed by the French architect Thomas de Thomon and inspired by the temple of Hera in Paestum, the building was built between 1805 and 1810. It was built to house the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange, although it has subsequently had other uses. It currently houses the Central Naval Museum.

Our selection of Apartments in Old Saint Petersburg Stock Exchange

Fjord Africa, a Superb Apartments in the Center

Shaulis Apartment Tivoli

Anichkov Bridge YK Apartments

Grafskiy Apartments

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Strelka (in Russian Стрелка) is the eastern end of Vasilyevsky Island in St. Petersburg (Russia), one of the most attractive architectural complexes in the city, which harmonizes with the landscape architecture of the Neva river bank.
The Russian name of Strelka (literally 'arrow') refers to the ram that forms at the confluence or divergence of two rivers or tributaries, in this case where the two main arms of the Neva, the Great Neva (Bolshaya) and the Little Neva (Malaya). The Strelka of Nizhny Novgorod are also known, at the confluence of the Volga River and the Oká River, and Yaroslavl, where the Volga River joins the Kótorosl River.

Our selection of Apartments in Strelka

Premium Apartments on Nevsky

Двухуровневые апартаменты на Невском

Bolshaya Morskaya 33

Apartment on Kremenchugskaya Street

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Griboedova Channel

The Griboyédova Canal (Catalina Canal before 1923) is a St. Petersburg (Russia) canal originating from the Moika River at the height of the Mars Fields, and flows into the Fontanka River near the Malo-Kalinkin Bridge. It has a length of 5 km, and 32 m wide. The average water consumption is 3.01 to 3.04 m³ / s.

Our selection of Apartments in Griboedova Channel

Sandy Apartment

Apartment City


Apartments on Naberezhnaya Reki Moyki 14

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Central Apartments SPB

Apartment on Podvojskogo 18

Hermitage apartment 200 m2 (5 bedrooms)

SaintHouse on Konnogvardeysky

Delux Apartments on Nevsky Prospekt 84

Royal Apartments on Nevsky


Apartment by the Fortress

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Galunov Hotel ★★★★

Emigrants on Fontanka

Boutique Hotel Albora ★★★★★

Mini-Hotel on Fontanka 75

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