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Koper ([ˈkoːpəɾ], in Italian: Capodistria, in Croatian: Kopar) is a port city of Slovenia (see Slovenian coast), a country whose Adriatic coast is 47 kilometers long. Koper is located just south of the Italian city of Trieste, also on the coast, and is the capital of the municipality of Koper, which in 2011 had 24,996 inhabitants.

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Primorska University

The University of Primorska is a Slovenian university located in Koper, a city also known as Capodistria since that is its denomination in Italian. The name of the university is given by the Slovenian word that names the region in which it is located, Primorska, which means Litoral.
It is the third university in Slovenia after the University of Ljubljana and the University of Maribor. It was founded on January 29, 2003. Since November 2011 the rector of this house of studies is Dragan Marušič. The university has six faculties: Faculty of Education Sciences, Faculty of Humanistics, Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Computer Science; Faculty of Tourism and the Faculty of Management.
On December 6, 2012, students and employees of Slovenian universities, including those of the University of Primorska, demonstrated towards the building where the National Assembly was meeting to prevent cuts in the education system for 2013 and 2014. [1 ]

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Carli Palace

The Carli Palace (in Slovenian: palača Carli; in Italian: palazzo Carli) is a palace in the town of Koper, a port city in the southwest of the European country of Slovenia. It is named after the family of the Italian historian and encyclopedist Gian Rinaldo Carli, who was born in it in 1720. It is an example of Baroque architecture, with a balcony on the noble floor, decorated with a window of three mullion. Its interior courtyard, decorated with frescoes, has a fountain dating from 1418.

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