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Apartments in Paris

We offer 6,170+ holiday rentals in Paris

Are you fascinated by France and especially in Paris? Why will it be? Find an accommodation at the height of the city.

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Our selection of apartments in Paris

Montmartre Residence

Roi de Sicile - Rivoli -- Actuellement OUVERT

My Maison In Paris - Sentier

In the heart of Montmartre

My Maison In Paris - Ile Saint-Louis

Paris Historic Marais Montorgueil

Cozy Select

Tolbiac A

Arthemis Apartment - 2 Bedrooms

Louvre Luxury Apartment & SPA

The Pearl of Marais

Apartment Bac St. Germain

Appartement Bijou Paris 5ème

Luxury 2 Bedroom with AC - Louvre & Champs Elysees

Boulevard Suchet

Latin Quarter Private Studio

All our apartments in Paris

Boulevard Suchet

Luxury 3 bedroom 2 bathroom Palace Apartment

Luxurious Duplex at the top of Montmartre

Tolbiac A

Luxury 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment with AC - Louvre

Appartement moulin rouge II

85 - Urban Palais Royal

Jardin des Plantes - Latin Quarter Flat - 30 NUITS MIN

St Honore


My Maison In Paris - Ile Saint-Louis

#StudioCosy @ Paris Le Marais

Chateau 41

Champs Elysees Apartment 2

Arthemis Apartment - 2 Bedrooms

Paris Montorgueil

Gardenflat Buttes Chaumont

Appartement Bijou Paris 5ème

Canal de l'Ourcq Flat

Haussmann 168

Great Apartments Heart Marais

Le Marais Maison En Ville

Roi de Sicile - Rivoli -- Actuellement OUVERT

Résidence du Cygne - Swan Residence - Paris centre

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Fall in love with Paris as you had not imagined

Many people want to enjoy a long stay in Paris. Staying in this city has something magical. Even if you do not have a compelling reason to go to Paris, you have not fallen in love with someone French, you do not come for family reasons or you are studying, surely you are attracted to the city for something you cannot explain.

We offer you a wide range of apartments in Paris . Whatever you are looking for, find your accommodation with a perfect French air with us. If you have any questions, you can always get in touch with our team and solve everything that worries you. We assure you that during your stay in the city you will have with us all the facilities you need to live a few days in the city of love as you had imagined.

Discover the most charming neighborhoods, the most interesting museums and restaurants that will make you vibrate near the apartments we offer. Many people claim that they crave the history, sensitivity and sense of culture in their countries. And that is one of the reasons why they decide to visit the capital of France. Then there are those who seek adventure. Although it could also be the clothes of the French designers that appear in the most prestigious fashion magazines? Rent your charming accommodation in Paris and feel like a local. And remember, in France, not saying bonjour before starting a conversation can put a stop to possible friendships, negotiations or social exchange, and that includes buying a newspaper or a baguette! So start practicing your French and discover everything you can learn from one of the most charming cities in Europe.