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Lagos (Portugal)

Lagos is a Portuguese city belonging to the district of Faro, region of the Algarve.
The municipality of the same name to which it belongs has a total population of 31 048 inhabitants. The city itself, historical and tourist, has approximately 22 000 people. The majority of the population lives on the coast and works in tourism and services. The interior region, much less inhabited, is dedicated to agriculture and forestry. Lagos is one of the most visited cities in the Algarve and Portugal. [Citation needed]

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Marina Beach Apartment

Iberlagos (LGS676)

Barroca (LGS076)

Do Avo (LGS692)

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Villa Esmeralda

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Lagos Railway Museum

The Museological Space of Lagos is located at the Lagos station, on the Algarve Line. It occupies the locomotive garage of the Lagos Station, which dates back to the 20s, which, given the importance that was conferred on it, as it is a unique example throughout the Algarve, is a type of railway construction.

Our selection of Apartments in Lagos Railway Museum

Benjamin Guest House

Baia de Cristal 2 (LGS173)

Condominio do Mar

Iberlagos (LGS682)

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Our selection of Apartments in Lagos

Do Avo (LGS693)

Burganvilae (LGS690)

Aurora (LGS171)

Apartamento Moínho Viegas


Casa do Infante

Apartment Porto de Mos Zarco

Lucas' House

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