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Lugano District

The district of Lugano (formerly in German Landvogtei Lauis) is one of the eight districts of the canton of Ticino, in addition to being the most populous in the canton, with more than 140,000 inhabitants.

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al Ronchetto

Bella Vista


Tinera Solideo

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Hotel City Lugano

Suitenhotel Parco Paradiso ★★★★

Villa Principe Leopoldo - Ticino Hotels Group ★★★★★

Hotel Stella Lugano ★★★

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Kursaal Theater

Kursaal Theater (or currently Lugano Casino Theater) is a Swiss theater located in the city of Lugano, around Lake Lugano.
In history since 1804, there was a game room for gambling at the theater's location.
Years later a society called Società del Teatro di Lugano, wanted to build a leisure center with a theater for musical performances and others, a casino and a restaurant for the attraction of tourism to the city of Lugano, then the work was commissioned to Italian architect Achille Sfondrini, performing the building in 1885 where the theater that was included was called the Kursaal Theater.
After the passing of the years, in this theater the 1st edition of the Eurovision Song Contest was celebrated 1956, on May 24 of that year, being one of the two locations in Switzerland of the history of Eurovision .
On November 29, 2002, the reopening of the building took place after its demolition, currently being the Lugano Casino.

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Aldesago Monte Brè (Utoring)

Castagnola (Utoring)


Residenza Majestic

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Best Western Hotel Bellevue au Lac ★★★★

Hotel Bellevue Bellavista Montagnola

Hotel Ceresio ★★★

The View Lugano ★★★★★

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University of the Italian Switzerland

The University of Italian Switzerland (in Italian: Università della Svizzera Italian) is a public university founded in 1996, with headquarters in Lugano and Mendrisio, in the southern European country of Switzerland. The USI has four faculties (schools), and follows the European standard of three-year university studies and two-year master's degree (in Italian or English).
The University of Lugano offers business education programs in the Italian and English languages. The programs are classified at the undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as doctoral programs. Undergraduate and graduate programs are proposed in many disciplines, such as banking and finance, international tourism, marketing, computer science, economics, architecture, communication sciences, to name a few. The University of Lugano also offers a doctoral program in computer science, economics and communication sciences.
The Lugano campus was developed around the existing city hospital around 1996. Several additional buildings have been added, most notably the Computing (2007), the Aula Magna, the Library and the laboratory.

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Aldesago Monte Brè (Utoring)

Aldesago Monte Brè (Utoring)

Aldesago Monte Brè

Parcolago (Utoring)

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Lugano Center GuestHouse

Colorado Hotel ★★★

Ibis Lugano Paradiso ★★★

Hotel Vezia ★★★

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Lake-View Appartamento Gandria

Aldesago Monte Brè (Utoring)

Casa Fiorita

Il Parco

Aldesago Monte Brè (Utoring)



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Hotel Splendide Royal ★★★★★

LUGANODANTE - We like you ★★★★

Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola ★★★★★

Hotel Gabbani ★★★

Villa Sassa Hotel, Residence & Spa - Ticino Hotels Group ★★★★

Park Hotel Principe - Ticino Hotels Group ★★★★

Hotel Nassa Garni ★★★

Continental Parkhotel ★★★

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