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We have the accommodation you want in Córdoba, the right place for you to rest after squeezing the intensity of the city.

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Our selection of apartments in Córdoba

Boulevard Suite Cordoba

Duplex Caballerizas Reales

Apartamentos Deanes 5

Apartamento A 70 M. De La Juderia

Slow Home San Fernando

Cordoba Cool Center

Entre Magnolios

Conde de Gondomar 1

Apartamento Concepción centro

Dúplex junto a Mezquita.

Apartamento R&C

Saavedra Confort

El Balcón de La Juderia

Balcon de San Lorenzo

Lucano 20

Marruecos 15

All our apartments in Córdoba

Saavedra Confort

Templo Romano - Ayuntamiento

Apartamentos Deanes 5

La Casa Del Poeta Córdoba

Apartamento Santa Marina


Vivienda Turística Loyola

Apartamento A 70 M. De La Juderia

Nice Kairouan

Slow Home San Fernando

El Capricho de San Fernando

Nuevo y reformado apartamento [Centro de Córdoba]

Viana Home

Mezquita Judería Córdoba

Tu Casa En El Rio

Apartamento Concepción centro


Patios de Rivas y Palma

Aljara Mezquita

Atico Deluxe San Basilio

Piso plaza la compañía

Confort Córdoba Centro

Asvacor Apartamento Nuevo Tendillas

El Balcón de La Juderia

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Cordoba, the city you were waiting for

Córdoba is a city of 350,000 inhabitants located in the center of Andalusia. Rent your accommodation in this great cultural landmark in Europe.

Córdoba is an ancient city declared a World Heritage Site, as it contains an interesting mix of the diverse cultures that have established it throughout history. And, really, very few places in the world can claim to have been the capital of a Roman province (Hispania Ulterior), while it has been the capital of an Arab state (Al-Andalus) and, finally, a Great Caliphate And it is that Córdoba keeps the splendor of the intellectual wealth of its previous inhabitants. It is a city that, in addition, has seen the birth of figures such as Seneca, Averroes and Maimonides. We recommend, therefore, that you rent an apartment in the historic quarter of Córdob a.

We want you to discover all these glorious characters, as well as a beautiful network of small streets, alleys, squares and whitewashed courtyards arranged around mosques, which reflects the prominent place of a city in the Islamic world during medieval times. In addition, Córdoba also has a lot to offer in terms of art, culture and leisure, thanks to a wide variety of cultural events that are organized throughout the year in the city, whether flamenco festivals, concerts, ballet or other activities related to The arts and culture. These events are complemented by a series of museums and a good nightlife. Finally, we recommend that you rent your accommodation in April, when it is not too hot or too cold.